What is a bread machine and how does it work?


What is a bread machine and how does it work?For lovers of fresh bread, buns and pies, bread maker stenet useful purchase.For supporters of dietary, yeast-free baking and bread with the seeds of healthy grains, a bread maker is simply necessary. But its functions are not limited to baking bread.

In the bread maker, you can bake pies, loaves, make jams, jams, yogurt, butter, and even cook rice.

What is a bread machine and how does it work

A bread machine is a kitchen unit that bakes bread, will cook yogurt almost without human intervention. It is only necessary to measure, fill up or fill in the necessary components indicated in the recipe, select the appropriate program and wait. Bread machine itself knead the dough and bake fragrant bread.

So how does it work? You peppered the ingredients, chose the right program, and the breadmaker starts kneading the dough. The temperature rises slightly the dough fits. After this, the second kneading begins, which removes excess gases, and again the unit stops, so that the dough comes up a second time. With the help of a special heating element, which is located around the baking dish, the dough begins to bake.

Why do you need a bread maker in the house?

Why bread maker if there is an oven for pies, and you can buy bread in the store? Such a question arises among many people who have not seen this miracle of technology at work, have not tried fresh homemade bread.

The main advantage of the bread machine, as well as the slow cookers , is its ability to cook without your participation. Which is very useful for people leading an active lifestyle. It is enough to measure the required number of products according to the recipe, load it into the device and select the desired program. After a designated time, which shows the timer, get a great pastry, yogurt or jam. Your dish will not burn and will not be under-baked.

Bread maker

The kneading of the dough is laborious, sometimes it is beyond the power of a grandmother or a person with special needs. Bread machine perfectly knead the dough. At this point, her work can be completed, and the forming of pies, unfolding the filling and baking can be done in the traditional way in the oven.

It is impossible to do without bread maker in remote areas, where the distance to the store is large, fresh bread is delivered irregularly, and there is no need to talk about pies and cupcakes. With the bread maker there will always be fresh, hot bread on the table.

For dietary nutrition it is also a useful type of household appliances. Do not buy buns with flax and sesame seeds, rice buns or buckwheat bread in the store, and the bread maker will produce the desired product according to the recipe. Yogurts and jams are much healthier than fresh, without preservatives.

How to choose a bread maker?


Bread machines come in different shapes and sizes. The most popular technique of square, rather than oval or round shape. That’s because the square shape fits easily into any kitchen, regardless of size. But the choice depends on your preferences. The form does not play a fundamental role and does not affect the quality of cooking. The body is made of plastic and stainless steel. Of course, it is better to choose from steel, but it costs more.


One of the main points in the choice of the bread machine is the size of the baking pan. That is, what is the optimal weight of future bread for you – from 500 to 1500 grams. Experts recommend choosing the size of the baking dish, taking into account the needs of your family. But it is better to take more at once, because it is possible to bake a smaller amount of bread for each day, and more to receive guests. Some bread machines are equipped with additional baking molds, round or rectangular. Such molds will not be superfluous. They are made of stainless steel, teflon-coated or aluminum.

Bread Maker Power

Everyone understands that the greater the power of the bread machine, the faster fresh bread or buns will appear on your table. The power of this device varies from 450 to 1500 watts. But those who save energy, you need to make a choice: either the speed of baking, or the additional cost of electricity. The more powerful the device, the more electricity it will use. And yet, even a very powerful bread maker will not make bread instantly: the dough must rise, mature for a certain time.

What functions of the bread machine to choose

The bread machine is a multifunctional household appliance, as it can bake wheat, rye, Borodino bread, as well as various dietary types of bread with bran, rice and buckwheat flour. Equipped with the function of making muffins, pies, besides it can knead the dough for ravioli, dumplings, pizza, pies. Today, even the simplest bread makers are equipped with the function of kneading dough, so you don’t have to soil your hands and the kitchen; everything will be done by this miracle of technology. But on this its functionality is not limited. Some bread makers can make yogurt, preserves, jams and even butter. There is even a function that regulates the color of the baking crust, making it crispy.

Bread maker

One of the equally important features is baking deferral. You can put all the necessary ingredients, set a timer and quietly go about your business, go to work or go shopping, and for lunch or dinner a bread maker will bake fresh bread for you or make jam.

The “temperature maintenance” mode means that when the bread is baked, the breadmaker will keep it hot for some time.

The “turbo-baking” mode is an accelerated baking of bread, but you should know that such bread will differ in taste and quality from the usual baking mode.

It is good when the bread maker has protective functions: protection against overheating, against voltage drops and protection against children.Overheating protection is a useful thing that turns off the bread maker without unauthorized control and intervention. Almost all devices are now equipped with overvoltage protection. And protection from children will not be superfluous: while the bread is being baked, the kids wondering what is being done there, this function will block the control panel buttons and the lid.

Another useful feature of the bread maker is a dispenser or dispenser. This is the hole through which various additives and fillings are added for the dough (sunflower seeds, nuts, raisins, candied fruits, etc.). But you can do without it, since the breadmaker will signal with beeps when it is necessary to add the necessary component. Bakers are usually equipped with a small window that allows you to observe how the baking process. So exactly what functions are needed is up to you.

Useful tips

Breadmaker immediately need to find a suitable place in the kitchen, closer to the outlet. Because during operation it should not be moved, turned off, rearranged.

To start, do not experiment with recipes, you need to learn all the subtleties of your technique, and only then you can fantasize.

Be sure to read the instructions for use, as there are bread makers, in which you first need to fill the dry ingredients, and then the liquid, and in others – vice versa.

Delicious and healthy baking!