HUMIDIFIER. BUY OR WITHOUT IT YOU CAN DO?Dry air in the apartment is harmful to health and you must purchase a humidifier. Everyone heard about it. But is it? What are the criteria to determine the need to purchase a humidifier?

Frequent colds in the autumn and winter do not make anyone happy, children who are constantly ill add cares and gray hair to their parents.According to some experts, the reason is not the weather conditions, but the lack of proper climate technology in the house. Since the humidity of the heaters decreases, the air becomes too dry, this leads to

And the point is not that the skin of the face and hands seems to be strained and flaky, that the hair is dry and electrified when combing – these are small problems. Much more serious is that when breathing the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx and bronchi are dried out, and this opens the gates to viral infections.

Before running to the store, studying the types of humidifiers and the criteria for their correct selection along the way, you should at least find out the humidity indicators in your apartment. Maybe your humidity is normal or slightly different from it?

What humidity is considered normal and how to determine it?

Normal for humans is considered humidity of 40-60%. If it is 10-15% different from these parameters, then you should not worry too.Comfortable that humidity, to which a person is accustomed. There are dry deserts and tropical rainforests on the globe; people live everywhere and feel good in the climate they are used to.

Measure the level of humidity in the apartment can be a special device – a hygrometer. If not, then some observations will also help determine if the humidity is normal.

Signs of high humidity in the apartment:

  • misted windows;
  • damp in the bathroom, the smell of mold ;
  • the washed floor dries very long, the towels in the bathroom remain wet for a long time;
  • breathe heavily, like in a bathhouse or in a greenhouse.

Signs of too dry air in the apartment:

  • dry skin of the face and hands, dry mucous membranes – lips cracking, sore throat, stuffy nose;
  • hair and clothes from synthetics are strongly electrified;
  • houseplants dry up the tips of the leaves;
  • Wash surfaces and wet towels dry quickly.

Water glass method

Type in a glass of cold water and place it in the refrigerator for several hours, until the temperature of the water in the tank cools to the temperature of the refrigerator compartment (approximately +5 ºС). Then put a cooled glass of water in the room in which you want to determine the humidity. You can put in any place away from heating appliances.

  • If the cold surface of the glass is first fogged up and then completely dried within 5-10 minutes – the air in the room is very dry.
  • If within 5-10 minutes, after you placed the glass in the room, large drops of condensate formed on its walls and they began to flow down the walls of the glass, the air in the room is very humid.
  • If after 5-10 minutes the surface of the glass has not dried, but it has not flowed, then the air in the room is of average humidity.

What is your climate and how often does it rain?

The colder the air, the less water vapor in it. When the temperature decreases, they condense and settle in the form of dew or frost. When it is frost outside the window, the air outside the window is dry. This means that the inside will also be drier, if there are no sources of moisture inside the house.

If the winter in your area is warm, more often there are above-zero temperatures than frost, rain is drizzling regularly, then you shouldn’t worry too much because of the dryness of the air. Humidity is close to normal. It is enough to open the window for a short time to air and normalize the microclimate in your apartment. All your unpleasant phenomena with dry skin and coughing are temporary, they will pass by themselves at the first warming.

What is your home?

It is no secret that high humidity usually occurs in brick apartment buildings with central heating. In a private house, the humidity is closer to normal, especially in a one-story building.

Building materials also contribute to air quality. For example, natural wood and drywall absorb moisture well from the air and give it away just as well when the air becomes drier.

The basement, ground floor, front door directly to the street – all these are sources of moisture, condensation, the reason sometimes even excessive humidity.

The air is dry but close to normal.

In the study of the sanitary conditions of a particular house, this is usually the case – humidity around 30-35%, which is close to normal. This is quite normal for an adult. For a child, especially those prone to colds, humidity can be slightly increased.

Simple methods are quite suitable for normalization – wide vessels with water, a wet towel on the battery, daily wet cleaning. You can have an aquarium with fish. It is even easier to plant a houseplant with large leaves – monster, hibiscus, chef or moisture-loving tsiperus – and do not forget to water and spray them regularly.

A humidifier is needed only occasionally if someone in the family caught a viral infection. You can buy the most primitive and inexpensive. Or just to remember that the simplest and cheapest steam humidifier is a boiling kettle.

Air is very dry

In this case, the humidifier should be bought and used regularly. It is especially important to normalize the air in the bedroom and children’s room.All home methods can only slightly increase the humidity.

Main varieties of humidifiers


What kind of humidifier to choose? There are not too many types of humidifiers, whichever one chooses, it will perform its function – increasing the amount of water vapor.

All main types of humidifiers have their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Traditional humidifiers – the fan drives the air through a wet filter made of porous material. The cost is low, but you need to periodically change the filter.
  • Steam humidifiers operate on the principle of an electric kettle – they heat and evaporate water. Water vapor is clean, without fungi and bacteria, harmful microorganisms disappear when water is heated to boiling.Requires refilling of water, periodic cleaning of the tank from scale, consume a lot of electricity.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers create a shallow water mist, consume little power, but mist contains salts that settle on furniture and may also contain bacteria.
  • Air washing is a special type of humidifier with a rotating drum on which the disks are fixed. All discs are half immersed in a container of water, the other half is blown with air. Moisture evaporates from the upper segments of wet disks, and dust accumulates on them, then this part is immersed in a container with water, washing away the pollution. In this way, the air is cleaned and moistened. The cost of this type of humidifier is quite high, you need to regularly wash the container with water.

Choosing a humidifier as a way to increase the humidity in the house is not an easy task, but health is the most important thing. Pay attention to such an important issue as air quality is a must.