water filter

Tap water is not crystal clear. If you carry out the analysis, you can find a huge amount of foreign matter in it that adversely affects your health, especially with the constant use of polluted water.

What can be found in tap water?

The composition of ordinary tap water depends on many factors: water sources, environmental conditions, the state of pipelines, and the environmental situation in the region. An analysis of drinking water from a water supply system can reveal:

  • Chemical impurities . They get into our sewage taps. Analysis of the liquid poured from the tap, can show the content of gasoline, detergents.
  • Pesticides Fall into the life-giving moisture along with the results of agricultural activities.
  • Heavy metals . They get into the water because of the actively working industry, a large number of cars with their exhaust gases. Most often it is mercury and lead.
  • Rust . Metal water pipes in our country mostly use old ones, and that’s the result: iron oxide in the water remains in the form of very small particles.
  • Salt of magnesium and calcium . Hard water is a feature of some regions, unfortunately, it does not add health.
  • Bacteria . Industrial cleaning systems sometimes do not cope with their responsibilities, and the probability of breakdowns in pipes is far from minimal. Such “guests” in the water are dangerous because they can cause dozens of different diseases and generally loosen the immune system.


Tap water requires additional cleaning. That is why there is a need to purchase and install a water filter . We will understand what they are and what to look for when buying.

Cleaning types

According to the type of water purification, the following devices are distinguished:

  • Filter jugs – their design is a jug, in the upper part of which there is a cleaning cartridge. Water passes through it, leaving sand and dirt in the filter. With impurities of chlorine and heavy metal salts such a device copes extremely badly.
  • Flowing – they are introduced into the water supply system, there is an accumulation of water in the inner tank. Multi-stage filtration, expensive models may have the function of reverse osmosis and mineralization.Productivity is high – such filters will clean 2-3 liters of water per minute.
  • Nozzle on the faucet – it is a container with a cartridge that is connected using a special adapter directly to the faucet. The cleaning quality is mediocre, the performance is small. Consumables have a short service life, require frequent replacement.
  • For a bottle – water is poured into a container, after which it is cleaned when passing through a carbon filter in the cap. The device is very convenient for outdoor enthusiasts – the bottle is aesthetic, compact, lightweight and functional. You can pour water from the tap and immediately get a clean and healthy liquid. The resource is very impressive – about 500 bottles without changing the filtering part.


Filtration methods

When choosing it is also important to ask how exactly the water is cleaned from third-party impurities. The quality of filtration, its effectiveness and price depend on it. Consider the following filtering methods:

  • Mechanical is the simplest method; it consists in retaining large sand grains, streams, scale, rust and other impurities in water. Metal grids and polymeric membranes with different pore sizes are used for cleaning.
  • Sorption – this method of cleaning differs from mechanical in that the surface of the solid sorbent captures and very reliably holds impurities by molecular attraction. A simple and effective way to purify water from impurities in this way is an activated carbon filter.
  • Ion exchange is a modern way, which is based on the electrolysis process.Hazardous substances in the water are destroyed by the filter to safe for humans compounds. The advantages of the ion exchange filter are obvious: safety for humans, no need to spend money on replaceable cartridges. But such a filter is not cheap, besides you need to regularly wash the electrodes with an acid solution.


Also, when choosing, they take into account the number of stages of filtration and water purification, resource, the ability to connect the device to the water supply.

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