Industrial – Style Lighting Fixtures

The industrial style can be reflected in basically any feature of a home’s interior design and this, of course, includes the lighting. Industrial-style lighting fixtures tend to be simple and sometimes with rough features but they are always functional. It’s difficult to describe them exactly as each piece is unique so, to better understand the style, here are a few examples.

This lovely little lamp is called Kozo 1 and has a simple and quite interesting design. It’s small and has a metal body with two legs as a base. It’s perfectly balanced despite the asymmetrical design. It’s a piece that would look beautiful on the nightstand near the bed or on a desk. It weighs 2.0 kg, it’s 120 mm long and 200 mm high. It uses E27 and G80 light bulbs.


This is another beautiful industrial light fixture, also designed by Kozo. It’s a table lamp called “Little Mona” and there’s also a similar design called “Fat Mona”, the different between the two being the base. The bases of the lamps are made of galvanized iron pipes and fittings and they have a faucet handle as an on/off switch. The shades are beautiful and covered in fabric.

This simple and beautiful industrial-style lamp is the creation of Dutch designer Jacco Maris. It has a simple and modern design so it would fit nicely in either a modern or a contemporary space. It resembles an oversized table lamp and features a base and a stand made of powder-coated steel. The shade is made of aluminum with a large glass pane. The lamp is also available without the stand, in which case it can be suspended from the ceiling.

The Cage Filament pendant is another beautiful lighting fixture featuring an industrial style. It has a chic vintage flair and features simple and classical lines. The exposed hardware is meant to highlight the warmth and brightness of the light bulb. The pendant measures 5 ½’’ in diameter, it’s 8’’ high and comes with a 8’ cord.