Furniture collection made from shipping crates

Sometimes coming up with something new doesn’t always mean you have to reinvent everything. Sometimes you can create something completely new just by using something that’s already been invented. For example, you can repurpose all sorts of things and create all sorts of new and ingenious elements. The best example would probably be the vast array of items that can be made from wood pallets.

A similar example could also be this interesting furniture collection. This is the FURM collection. It was designed and created by Peveto and it’s a series of pieces made from repurposed shipping crates. The main idea behind this is very simple actually. These shipping crates have been repurposed and partially transformed. Some have been combined in order to create more elaborate pieces of furniture.


The collection includes all sorts of useful pieces of furniture. They include coffee tables, file cabinets, storage cabinets, mini kitchen islands and even a chair built-in storage underneath. What’s great about all these pieces is that they can all be used for storage. They all have very simple designs and they are practical and multifunctional. Such a collection would look nice in a rustic home but it could be equally appropriate for a more modern space as well, depending on the type of interior design you chose for that space.