DIY Headboards Made From Repurposed Wood

The headboard is the element that gives character to a bed. It’s an important element also for the room’s overall design. But the headboard doesn’t have to be fancy in order to impress. In fact, the simpler the better. A simple headboard made of wood will be more cozy and charming than one with all sorts of unnecessary features. It’s also very easy to build such a headboard. Just take a look at theselovely headboards that were made from repurposed wood.

You can use pieces of wood leftover from other projects. They don’t have to necessarily be match perfectly. Of course, once you stain them, they might feature irregularities as different cuts of wood take to the stain differently. Anyway, this will just give the headboard more character.


Of course, we couldn’t possibly write this article without showing you a headboard made from a recycled pallet. It’s the type of project you’ve all been anticipating ever since you saw the title. The project is very simple. You have to take a wooden pallet, to take it apart, to remove the nails and then to put the pieces back together in order to form the headboard. The dimensions may vary. You can also re-stain the wood or you can paint it.

Here’s a headboard made from salvages barn wood. If you want to create something similar, here’s what you’ll need: old barn wood, wood screws, boards for the legs, scrap wood, a sanding sponge, a scrub brush, finish, bolts, a saw and a drill. First determine the size of the headboard and then begin placing the pieces where you want them. Mark with a pencil where you want to cut each piece. Then attach the legs and scrap pieces of wood at every joint/seam.

This is a reclaimed wood headboard. To make one that looks similar you’ll need a palm sander, stud finder, a pencil, a level, wood, screws, a drill and stain. Find the suds and mark vertical lines with a pencil. Sand down the wood and then start screwing the boards to the wall. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Then stain the headboard and you’re done.

This headboard has a very simple design. It was made from reclaimed pieces of wood. They were placed vertically to give the headboard more character. After the pieces were put together, the headboard was painted. The bottom portion is blue and the rest is white. It’s a nice delimitation and a way to add some color to the room.

Here’s another pallet headboard. This time the wooden pallet wasn’t taken apart. It was sued as such. You can see that it has the original structure. It wasn’t even painted or stained. It’s a project that can’t get any simpler than this.

This headboard is made from just a few wooden boards. It’s a very simple project. You just have to sand down the boards, to apply the stain and to attach the boards to the wall. For that you can use an ingenious idea. Take some Velcro strips and attach them to the wall. They have to be large in order to support the boards. It’s a project that doesn’t require any screws, holes and anything similar.

If you want, you can also create a more artistic headboard. You first have to find the perfect piece of wood. It needs to have a natural and organic shape which you can later modify a little. Then you have to stain the piece. If you want, you may also exercise your talent as a sculptor.

A tall headboard can sometimes be a nice idea. It’s a way of creating a focal point in the room without using artwork or other elements. This headboard, for example is very simple. It’s made of several pieces of wood put together like a puzzle. They have different finishes but this only gives the headboard a more original look.

This is also a quite impressive headboard. It was made from an old barn door. The supplies needed are wood, a miter saw, a drill, a hammer, pipe clamps, wood glue, stain, screws and measuring tape. Put glue on the back of the board and then place it underneath. Use a hammer to secure it. Screw in the board and repeat the process three more times. When the headboard is complete, stain the wood and give it a worn look.

You can also give your headboard more character by turning it into a sort of advertising panel. You can find stencils or freehand the design. Use complementary colors and make sure it matches the rest of the room. The headboard could be personalized in many different ways.

This is a shipping pallet headboard with a simple design. The pallet was first taken apart and then the pieces were attached to the wall one by one. Some had to be cut to size to fit. It’s like creating a puzzle. If you want the headboard to be tall and to reach the ceiling, then you might need more than one pallet. You can either stain the wood or leave it as such.

Here’s another very simple headboard. It’s made from a few wood boards. The headboard is not supposed to have a perfect design and this is why the boards don’t match perfectly. Once the headboard is complete, you can also personalize it by writing something on it. In this case, the word “love” was written using yellow paint