A Rustic Country Home With A Dreamy Design

Whenever you find yourself surrounded by stressful people, when the environment is not allowing you to relax, when you just want to work but someone just keeps making disturbing noises outside your window, I bet you just wish you had a home somewhere in a forest near a lake where everything you hear is complete silence. The house would probably have to look somewhat like this.

This is a very beautiful and very charming home. It’s located in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. Designed by Thom Filicia, the house has a very chic and beautiful interior. Originally built in 1917, the house has a long and rich history. Most of its charm managed to be preserved throughout the renovations and restoration projects. It was designed and built using mostly natural materials like wood and stone. This allows it to integrate into the landscape and the surroundings without much effort.

The color palette and the textures are very beautifully combined here as well. The stone fireplace is an eye-catching feature in the living room and the walls are decorated with animal trophies throughout. The colors are soft, warm and very pleasant to the eye. You can see that there’s a rustic feel here but the house also looks modern in some ways.

It’s a very nice combination and a very well balanced décor. Everything has been carefully chosen for this project and the attention to detail was an important factor that determined the beautiful result you see now