How to water anthurium at home? Do it right

How to water anthurium at home? Do it right

How to water anthurium at home? Do it right Anthurium. WateringWhen growing any plant, no matter where you do it, on the street or at home, there is an almost infinite number of different subtleties. But, if some little things when caring for plants can simply not be taken into account, then such an important procedure as the correct watering, simply can not be ignored. Whatever plant you grow, you need to water it only in those volumes that are necessary for it. Otherwise, you can not count on good results (under such results we consider either a good harvest or high-quality flowering). Today’s our hero, anthurium, a flower very popular for home cultivation. And our task is to learn how to water it as often as it requires, so as not to pour it, or, conversely, not to subject it to drought.

Learning to water anthurium. How often should this be done?

Improper watering can cause the plants to turn yellow leaves. I already wrote about such a problem with anthurium, read more about it here. There is another “related” article, namely, why it happens that the anthurium simply refuses to bloom. And it is for this that we plant it at home. Now proceed directly to the rules of its irrigation.

Anthurium likes abundant watering. But, and with abundant watering has its own rules that must be observed. So, it is very important that the substrate in the pot does not completely dry out. Between irrigation, it should dry only partially, namely at 1 / 3rd – 1/2 of the height of the pot itself. So, before you decide to water the anthurium, first check how dry the substrate is. You can make it with a wooden stick or skewer. At the same time, the tip of such a wooden “tester” must be slightly blunt.

I think everyone likes the abundant flowering of domestic plants in the winter. At this moment, the flowers remind us of spring. It is in order for you to enjoy the anthurium with such a flowering in the winter, then in September it is imperative to reduce its watering. Your task at this time is to do more time between waterings, and from this point on, to maintain humidity between 80-85%. Also, at the same time it will be necessary to reduce the air temperature. It should be within 16 to 18 degrees. Water anthurium best water soft, rain. If you do not have such water, you can also use tap water, which is softened for this. And you can soften it , for example, with lemon juice (you need to drop a few droplets), or citric acid (also a few crystals).

How to water anthurium at home? Do it right


With abundant watering, it often happens that the substrate is very watery. For anthurium it is harmful. The roots of him at the same time rot, and he can easily die. It is also important that the water does not stand after watering in the pan. Immediately, as soon as you complete the irrigation procedure, drain the water from there.

A few more moments on the care of anthurium

Anthuriums must be fed. This is best done during the spring and summer period. One time in 2 or 3 weeks will be quite enough. Fertilizers must be diluted, because anthuriums are very susceptible, if such dressing causes excess lime or mineral salts. Top dressing “organic” is often quite effective, though not always available.

With a cool wintering, namely, at 15-16 degrees, the anthurium is well stimulated bookmark buds. If you organize the care of this plant correctly, then it will be able to bloom for almost the entire year.