Why do orchids have buds and still unblown flowers? What to do in this case?

Why do orchids have buds and still unblown flowers? What to do in this case?
Why do orchids have buds and still unblown flowers? What to do in this case?
Why do orchids have buds and still unblown flowers? What to do in this case?

Orchid lovers quite often encounter this problem, because the orchid is a very capricious plant, and you may not wait for it to bloom, although the buds seem to have started successfully and are just about to bloom.Why do they suddenly begin to fall? And, the reason may be some kind of stress for the plant, unexpected changes in its content (this may be, for example, a move), a lack of light, severe overheating or overcooling. The same consequences can cause drafts, serious disturbances during watering, low air humidity. We ran briefly for all those reasons that may lead to the fall of such long-awaited buds and even flowers that are already beginning to bloom. Next, let’s deal with all these problems in more detail.

If orchids wither and fall buds and flowers. Why does this happen and what needs to be done?

It is clear that if a plant is fine, then it is unlikely that it will “behave this way.” Why should he throw buds and flowers? All this only points to certain mistakes that we made in the care.The main thing at this stage is to understand what exactly your orchid is missing, and then you can do something for it. So, study where you made a mistake, and quickly correct this error.


Of course, any plant will not “last long” if it does not have enough light for it in the volume that it needs for successful development. If your orchid also spends most of its time in the dark, then it may not end in one, just a fall of buds and flowers. Further, the leaves will start to turn yellow, and the plant will not lose for a long time. So, be sure to find a place for the orchid where there will be enough light for it. And if you do not have such a place, then turn on the additional lighting. Orchids are usually additionally illuminated from November to March, using fluorescent lamps.


Usually, this happens in summer when the flower falls under direct sunlight. To allow this is simply impossible! Indeed, in this case, the buds and flowers just fade, and will surely wither.The same can happen with leaves. Next, the roots will start to work badly. And, if they are not provided with moisture, then dehydration is simply inevitable, which, again, is a direct way to the death of the plant.

The same situation can occur with too hot heating. If the air stream from the radiator goes to the plant, the orchid buds and flowers will dry out.

Why do orchids have buds and still unblown flowers? What to do in this case?
Why do orchids have buds and still unblown flowers? What to do in this case?


Dry air

The orchid’s tissues are quite delicate, so the over-dried air simply dries them out, and this should not be allowed. So, be sure to control the humidity next to the pot of the plant. If necessary, the air will need to be humidified, for example, with such a home-made air humidifier.

Insufficient watering

Be sure to learn how to water the orchid correctly so that it does not overdry and is not too wet. If you do not find such a “golden mean”, then the roots can be easily damaged, and they will either quietly rot, or, on the contrary, dry. Both of these cases are simply unacceptable!


It can occur in different situations. Let’s start with the transportation of orchids from the store home. In winter, it should be done only in a warm car, or, somehow, to warm the plant, if he has some time to be in the cold.

Already at home, you need to find a place where there will be no active movement of cold air, or more simply – drafts. The same applies to the ventilation of the room. Do not harm the plant during this air procedure!

Natural aging

It seems to be all right, and there is no reason for the orchid to start dropping its flowers or buds. But, the duration of flowering is determined not only by the state of the plant and the conditions of its content, but also by its variety. Some types of orchids bloom only 7-10 days, and others, as much as 3 months, or even more.

It happens that you brought an orchid from the store, and the flower spike has already completely blossomed. In this case, it is unlikely that you will be able to accurately determine the duration of flowering of this plant. So, if the flowers suddenly fell, it is quite possible that the deadline for their activity has just arrived, and nothing else has affected it.


If your orchid has been pollinated by bees, wasps or other insects, and the pollination has ended quite well, then the faded flower will eventually change to a seed box. If pollination was unsuccessful, the flower will simply wither, and, as a result, it will fall off.

Features placement of orchids

Never place apples, tomatoes, bananas or nuts near an orchid pot. All these products, to a certain extent, emit ethylene, and from it flowers and unopened buds very quickly become obsolete, which, again, will lead to their dropping off.