How to grow tulips at home in a pot of bulbs?

How to grow tulips at home in a pot of bulbs?

How to grow tulips at home in a pot of bulbs?Without tulips it is very difficult to imagine our spring flower beds. They, along with daffodils, are among the first flowers that delight us with their flowering after a long winter. However, these beautiful flowers can be grown without any problems and at home. Once I wrote a similar article about home cultivation of tulips. In it, we talked about their cultivation as a living gift, that is, a bouquet. It is actually possible to grow them without problems, and get a beautiful bouquet for any holiday, for example, by March 8, for a significant anniversary, or other dates. If you are reading this article, then I am sure that the previous one, on the same topic ( here it is) should interest you. Now, let’s talk directly on the topic.

We grow tulips at home. How to plant and care?

As you know, tulips are grown from bulbs. As for their home distillation, for this it is best to select larger bulbs. They must be intact, that is, without any damage, and belong to the early varieties. In such varieties, the dormant period is usually not as long in winter as in ordinary varieties. In addition, this period can be reduced even more if they are dried or frozen (then, of course, they are heated in warm water). Thus, it is possible to calculate in advance their flowering, and in addition, it is also stimulated. That is, you can “adjust” flowering to a certain point.

How to plant?

For the cultivation of tulips at home a lot of substrate for forcing each bulb you do not need.Therefore, it makes no sense to use large pots. They should be no more than 13 centimeters in diameter. They need to be filled with a sandy substrate. At the same time, it should be loose and light enough. The substrate for tulips should consist of several components in a certain percentage ratio. Namely, it should be a soddy soil (with a volume of 30 percent), sand (its volume is 40 percent), and necessarily humus (also 40 percent). If you do not want to prepare your substrate for tulips, you can buy the store option. There are special substrates specifically for bulbous plants.

Tulips usually bloom in 40-60 days. It is on these numbers and need to rely when you plant tulips at home. It is best to plant them at the end of September, or you can shift this period to the beginning of October. By the way, about the autumn planting of tulips in the open ground, I also wrote (read here ). If you picked up the very early varieties for planting thebulbs, then you need to plant them early. Bulbs are best planted immediately for 3 pieces.With such a landing, they should not come into contact with each other. Keep a distance between them more than one centimeter. Also, they should not come into contact with the walls of the pot or any other container.

How to grow tulips at home in a pot of bulbs?


Growing up

After planting the bulbs in pots, they (that is, the pots themselves) will need to be placed in dark bags (the same gray garbage bags will do just that) and transfer them to a cool room.There, the temperature should be within 4-7 degrees. Watering the soil must be regularly, and do it just not hard water. In principle, you can use the water from the water supply, if you defend it, at least a day or two. As for humidity, keep it somewhere in the 80-90 percent.

When 20-30 days are left before the flowers themselves appear, be sure to transfer the pots with tulips to the room warmer. There should already be degrees 12-14. Tulips definitely need color when their colors appear. If you are already feeling the bud, then you need to bring this plant into the light, and raise the temperature of degrees to 18 to 20. But, in that period when the buds of tulips begin to quietly pick up their color, the temperature should be lowered. So you can the duration of their flowering increase.

After the end of the blooming of home tulips, they still need to be looked after. The soil in the pots should remain wet, and the bulbs themselves will need to be fertilized with fertilizers. It will take 35-40 days after flowering, the leaves of tulips will fade. At this point, the bulbs can be dug, then cleaned and dried. Further, they are already sent for storage in a cool room.

And here is a very good video on the same topic, where you will be told about the main mistakes and about whether it is possible to grow the same tulips at all by a certain date. We look.