The problem of transporting frozen food in the summer heat, as well as the difficulties of keeping hot grilled chicken or pizza, is familiar to everyone.Thermopacket (isothermal package) in such cases is an indispensable thing.

Thermopacket is a package for storing and transporting frozen, chilled and hot food. Usually they pack grilled chicken, but you can also buy separately, they are inexpensive. They are sold in the departments of frozen food in supermarkets.

The outer and inner surface of such a package is shiny, foil. Between them – an isothermal layer of polyethylene foam. It allows to maintain the temperature of both hot (grilled chicken, pizza) and cold (ice cream, puff pastry, dumplings, drinks) products.

What are thermopackages

WHAT IS THERMOPACKET FOR? thermopacks bags

Thermopackets are of different types and different sizes. They can be tied, buttoned, they have comfortable handles.

Isothermal packages vary in their ability to keep warm. Usually it is indicated on the package for how many hours the thermopacket maintains the desired temperature. Usually products are stored from one and a half to five hours.But it also depends on the ambient temperature, on the amount of products and their initial temperature.

Isothermal package should be used in the closed state.

How to use thermopacks

Isothermal food packages are convenient for traveling, on the way from the store to the house, on a trip to the cottage, on a picnic. It is sometimes difficult to buy frozen vegetables , shrimps, ice cream and puff pastry in the summer and deliver them to your home refrigerator.

To travel on the nature of such a package is also needed. In the summer heat, cooked meat for kebabs is difficult to preserve until the evening when they plan to cook it. On a trip you want a cool Coca-Cola or juice. Thermopacket will help keep drinks cool even in the warmest time.

Thermopackage is useful in order to keep food hot or at least warm. Not everyone has the opportunity to dine at home or in a cafe. On a trip, when working in the field or in any other uncomfortable conditions in cold weather, a thermos with hot tea and a sealed container with hot food will come in handy.

It is considered that a thermopackage is a one-time package, but it can be used many times without problems (while maintaining the integrity of all layers). For repeated use, the bag must be thoroughly cleaned.

Cold battery

When buying a thermo bag or package, sometimes they offer a cold battery.Under this name sell plastic boxes with saline, which holds the temperature well. If you pre-hold them in the freezer and then put them in a thermopacket, then the products will keep cool longer.