West Elm Knock Off Wall Art

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I have to tell you how excited I am for MAY to be here! There are several really exciting events coming up this month for my family. I can’t wait to share them all with you!

For today,  I want to share a fun knock off project. My West Elm knock off wall art.


 photo scrappywestelmwallart_zps1f26af54.jpg


Last week, I guest posted for Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage. (I know, right??) I shared my knock West Elm knock off wall art. I love it so much, that I want to share it with you guys today!


West Elm Wall Art


I love a good knock off project. It’s so rewarding to see something you love and be able to recreate it for a fraction of the price. A few weeks ago, while looking for some decor for my master bedroom makeover, I came across this fabric scrap wall art from West Elm. The simplicity of it caught my eye. It’s just lovely. The colors didn’t work for my color scheme but I knew I could DIY it to work for the space.


 photo MakingHomeBaseScrappyWallArt_zps5312490f.jpg


You won’t believe how easy it was to create. With a RIBBA frame from Ikea I was already half way there. I grabbed a few coordinating fabric scraps from my scraps bins (which totally reminded me why it is I save every little scrap. You just never know when you can use them). I also grabbed a scrap of burlap to fit the frame. I didn’t bother trimming them. I used them as is for the “scrappy” look.

I sewed the scraps onto the burlap. It look less than five minutes to sew the pieces on. All there was left to do was to place it in the frame. BAM! Gorgeous scrappy wall art, in minutes!

 photo WestElmScrappyWallArtKnockOff_zpsa36a4374.jpg

I absolutely love the way it turned out. The yellow and gray are perfect for my master bedroom. And my favorite part is that the West Elm version cost $49.00 but my version cost $5.00! How’s that for a knock off?