Synthetic fillers for blankets. What to choose?

Synthetic fillers for blankets. What to choose?

Blankets with synthetic fillers confidently conquer the market. They are of different quality, differ in price, but anyone who tried once to use a blanket with a filler of synthetics, chooses this product again.

But how natural is it? After all, everyone knows that bird fluff, wool and cotton are more ecological? Yes it is. Therefore, their cost is high. At the same time, it’s not a secret that many people call feather duvets allergic, as are woolen ones. Cotton filler absorbs moisture and dries very slowly. In natural materials, dust mites rapidly multiply, which can provoke allergic reactions of various kinds.

And what are blankets with synthetic fillers? These are simply two cloths of their cotton, mixed or fully artificial fabric, between which a heat-insulating filler is laid. To filler does not get lost, the blanket is quilted in the form of a grid or cells.

What are fillers for blankets

There are many brands of fillers for blankets, pillows and winter clothes. This sintepon, and komforel, and hollofayber, and ekofayber, and nanofayber, and tinsulate. The basis of all these fillers – hollow polyester fiber, twisted into springs. Often it is a mixture of fibers of different species in certain proportions. The thickness of the fiber itself is different, in tinsulite (artificial fluff) it is up to 10 microns, that is, almost 50 times thinner than a human hair.

The filler can be in the form of balls, an array or a web of various densities. Cushions are often used for pillows, and for blankets and clothes – canvas. The names of heaters are different, but more often than not, they practically do not differ in basic parameters.

How do blankets with synthetic fillers retain heat?

One of the main questions – is the blanket of synthetics warm? Yes, it keeps the heat well. In addition, there are options for winter and summer.

The fact is that neither wool nor bird feathers nor synthetics in themselves produce heat. They have the ability to retain the heat of the human body due to the thermal insulating properties of the material itself and the air layer. After all, as you know, air is the best heat insulator. A fluffy synthetic fiber holds the air perfectly.

Choose a blanket with filler

It is also important that the material absorbs the moisture released by a person during sleep. Or let it out, where it can evaporate. Modern synthetic fillers perfectly pass moisture.

How to choose a quality synthetic blanket?

First of all, it should be understood that quality wool blankets can serve for decades. Blankets with synthetic fillers are not so durable. And their price is correspondingly lower. Do not be surprised – new types of artificial insulators are constantly appearing on the market and they far exceed the previous ones. It makes no sense to buy such things for future use, – they will not be useful for grandchildren.

The most important is how warm should the blanket be? Surprisingly, the thickness in this case is not an indicator. It is necessary to look at the marking, many manufacturers have designations – WINTER or SUMMER. A universal option is the “4 seasons” model. Such options are offered by Veneto , for example. It is a set of two identical blankets of different thickness. Thin is suitable for summer, what is thicker – for spring and autumn. And for winter, both blankets are fastened around the perimeter with buttons and used together.

What else should I use when choosing?

  • First, the trademark . It is better to buy a blanket a bit more expensive, but from a well-known manufacturer.
  • Secondly, on a blanket cover . The fabric should be only natural, the best cotton.
  • Third, the price . A quality thing can not be the cheapest, it is better to choose in the middle price range.

Synthetic fillers for blankets. What to choose?

What are the advantages of synthetic fillers for blankets?

Modern synthetic insulating fillers have many positive properties:

  • Hygienic and hypoallergenic. In insulation from polyester fiber there is no nutrient medium for bacteria, they can not become a habitat for dust mites, fungi or mold and are ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. They are easily erased and easy to clean.
  • Lightness and elasticity. Blankets with artificial fillers are very light, they do not slip, they do not crochet. It is enough to shake them to get their volume again.
  • Moisture resistance . Synthetic fillers do not accumulate moisture, easily evaporate, quickly dry after washing.
  • High thermal insulation . Despite the small thickness of the blankets with synthetic filler, warm, volumetric structure of the fillers allows them to retain heat well.
  • Affordable price . Almost all artificial materials are much cheaper than their natural counterparts.

Happy shopping and sweet dreams!