Roller blinds. What are the advantages?

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a safe choice for every home. Anyone who has already hung them in his house can say that. How to choose, how to strengthen, how to clean – some useful tips.

The era of multilayer decoration of windows is a thing of the past. Dense curtains, tulle, cascades of fabric, fringe and other decor go where the carpets left from the walls – into the pantry. A modern trend is an open space and a lot of light.The texture of textiles emphasizes the features of surfaces in the design, and does not hide the unevenness of the walls and corrects the unsuccessful shape of the windows.

But still, window openings need to be closed. In the daytime – to protect from the bright midday sun, in the evening – from curious views in electric lighting. The best option – roller blinds.Functionally they are similar to blinds, but more practical and easier to operate.

What are roller blinds?

The design of roller blinds is very simple. A sturdy, but thin fabric, twisted into a tight roll on the rod, is mounted above the window on special brackets. At the bottom of the panel is sewn a special weighting bar so that the curtain spins and hangs evenly. Unscrewing and twisting is realized with the help of a light chain and built-in spring or electromechanical system (for remote control).

The fabric is dense and smooth, well preserving shape. It can be completely opaque, translucent (diffusing light), reflective. Colors can be chosen for every taste and for any design.

Depending on how much the curtain is raised or lowered, the degree of illumination of the room is regulated.

Types of roller blinds

By design, roller blinds or fabric roller blinds, as they are often called, are divided into two types:

    • The open system of roller blinds is simple and reliable, it is a thin shaft with a cloth wrapped on it, fixing corners and a chain for lowering the cloth web. Such roller blinds are often called mini blinds. They are fastened both to the wing of the window and to the window opening.

Roller blinds

  • A closed system of roller blinds (also called Uni or cassette) except for a roll of fabric, wound on the shaft, has a box that closes this roll. On the sides are attached guides, thanks to which the curtain visually looks like in a frame. These guides eliminate the appearance of a gap between the fabric and the window, which means that the construction gives a complete blackout.

Roller blinds

Mini roller blinds are used more often, their cost is less, the controls are simpler, and you can attach it almost anywhere. The electronic system “smart house” works well with a closed system, allowing the automatic opening and closing of curtains.

Advantages of roller blinds

  • Compactness . Rolled curtains in a twisted form are practically not noticeable. They do not occupy free space on the windowsill.
  • Do not absorb light. In roll-up, the roller blinds leave the window completely open, not interfering with the light. While blinds and tulle significantly reduce the luminous flux.
  • Ease of management . What could be easier – pull the chain to open or close?
  • Variability of the installation . Roller blinds can be installed on each window leaf or on a wall above the window opening. Mini-curtains are usually fastened on special “Velcro” on the window itself. For small windows with one sash (bathroom, toilet) it is more convenient to attach to the wall above the opening of the window.
  • Easy maintenance . Roller blinds do not require washing, do not collect dust. They should be cleaned from time to time with a soft cloth and cleaned in case of stains.
  • Easy installation (for mini). Roller blinds do not require the installation of cornices, they are simply glued to the window or screwed with screws to the wall. Each household master can do this.

Another important advantage of roller blinds is their versatility. They can be successfully written in almost any style of design. Not only minimalism or high-tech will be the ideal option, in which you can use such decor for windows. Roller blinds do not exclude the use of conventional fabric curtains, it goes well with them.

Roller blinds

For lovers of indoor plants, a roller blind made of translucent fabric, attached to the sash of the window, is just a find! On southern windows in the summer it is impossible to grow most kinds of house colors because of overheating of pots and sunburn of leaves. Roller curtains shade windowsills, make light scattered, reducing the temperature and degree of illumination.

Roller blinds

Fabrics for roller blinds

For the production of roller blinds use special fabrics. They are produced by special technologies. Due to the special impregnation they have dust and dirt repellent properties, they do not get wet, do not burn out in the sun, they are durable, they keep the shape perfectly.

Fabrics differ in the degree of transmission of sunlight. Most of them pass scattered light (from 25% to 75%). There are absolutely opaque, and also with a reflective effect.

Colors and texture allow us to realize the most daring design ideas.

Care of curtains

Roller blinds do not need washing, like curtains made of cloth. They do not need to be wiped and washed like blinds. The material does not accumulate dust. It is enough to shake the cloth lightly or simply to make a draft to get rid of the dust.

For more essential cleaning, you can arm yourself with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a cloth nozzle. But do not unnecessarily rub the cloth, so as not to reduce its dust and dirt repellent properties.

Stains on the surface can be cleaned with an ordinary white paper band. Sponge and soap foam will help you get rid of complex contaminants. Chlorine bleach and chemical stain removers can not be used, they damage the tissue.

In particularly difficult cases, we can include roller blinds in dry cleaning.