Natural or synthetic? Which filler for the pillow to choose?

Natural or synthetic? Which filler for the pillow to choose?

Fillers for pillows can be divided into two types – natural and synthetic. And those and others have their advantages and disadvantages. Natural fillers are natural, but some of them are not suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition, pillows with natural fillers are expensive, and also require special care.

Synthetic fillers are cheaper than natural fillers. Caring for them is easier – most can be washed even in a washing machine. But many people do not like synthetic pillows because of their artificiality.

Pillows with natural fillers

Down and Feather

According to experts, a pillow full of fluff and feathers – was, is and will be the best for all lovers of a good sleep. Of course, in the event that you do not have allergies to feathers and feathers.

Therefore, the owners of feather pillows and featherbeds, which they inherited from grandmothers, can only rejoice and thank for the generosity of their rural relatives – today, these down pillows are not cheap.

The cost of feather pillows depends on their size and the percentage of fillers: the more fluff in the pillow (from 2% to 90%), the more expensive it is.

As for the optimal ratio of feather and down, this is a matter of choice. If you want a hard pillow – the percentage of the pen should be higher, if you want a soft pillow – buy a pillow with a lot of down. Down pillows are distinguished by a large volume with low weight.

Sheep’s wool

Natural or synthetic? Which filler for the pillow to choose?

Pillows with sheep’s hair can positively influence human health. They have a beneficial effect for pain in the muscles, joints, problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Such pillows are excellent for warming in the winter, in the summer they will not be hot to sleep, thanks to the air between the fibers. A special structure of hair helps to remove excess moisture and evaporate it.

The disadvantage of pillows filled with sheep’s wool is that the filler can be crushed after a few months of use. And to return such a wool the original condition is almost impossible.


The cocoons of the silkworm are neatly cut and stretched – a web, imponderable like a web, is obtained. He folded several times and put on the cotton cover. Natural silk does not smell, does not fall down.

Silk pillows are simply irreplaceable for people suffering from an allergic reaction to fluff and feather. It is proved that natural silk does not cause allergy, and it is also able to withstand the life activity of a dust mite. It’s all about sericin, a protein found in silk.

Silk is a unique natural material that adapts to the temperature of the environment and is able to maintain a perfect microclimate for the human body. The optimum balance between temperature and humidity has a beneficial effect on health.

The lack of silk pillows is a high price.

For those to whom silk pillows seem too soft, they release options with the addition of silicone fibers.

Vegetable filler

As plant fillers for pillows, grasses, buckwheat husks, hop cones, rice shells are used.

Advantages of pillows with vegetable fillers: they have aromatherapeutic properties, allow you to relax faster, perfectly repeat the contours of the head, massage the skin, do not cause allergies.

Disadvantages: the average life of cushions with vegetable fillers is about 2 years. In addition, the filler of such pillows can rustle.

Natural latex

Natural latex is made of foamed rubber – a resin of tropical wood hevea. This material is used mainly in the manufacture of expensive orthopedic pillows.

Natural latex is an elastic, but at the same time, soft material, which supports the head and neck well. The cushion made of natural latex is adjusted to the shape of the body – when a person lifts his head from a pillow, it gradually straightens.

The cushion made of natural latex is probably the most durable: it can last about 20 years without losing its properties. However, cushions with natural latex have a fairly high price.


Cotton wool is the cheapest among natural fillers. Such pillows do not cause allergies, but cotton wool quickly rolls down, and the pillow becomes unusable.

Pillows with synthetic fillers

For those who have an allergy to natural fillers, cushions with synthetic fillers will do. There are also several types.


Synthepone is an inexpensive option for pillow filler. Does not cause allergies, does not smell, it does not have mites. The service life is 7-10 years. Synthetone pillows can be cleaned in a washing machine.


Komforel – one of the most popular synthetic fillers, is a ball of fluffy synthetic fiber. The pillow, filled with a komfarel, does not cause allergies, perfectly retains its shape, is easily erased.


Filler made of hollow polyester fibers twisted in the form of a spring. It is also used as a heater for working clothes, in products for children and newborns.

Hollofiber is considered one of the best synthetic substitutes for down and feather. Cushions filled with this material can be washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees. More rigid orthopedic pillows are filled with a mixture of hollofiber and sheep wool.


Silicone cushions are characterized by increased elasticity and the ability to quickly restore the shape. The more you whip them, the more they become.

Materials with a memory effect

Pillows with such a filler react to pressure and heat, taking the shape of the body. For 1-2 seconds restore their form. The cushion when pressed on it does not spring, but slowly adjusts.

These materials can be hard and soft. Are made both on the basis of synthetic foams (polyurethane), and latex (memolilatex). According to experts, a pillow filled with fluff and feather.

Pillows with a memory effect can not be erased. Water destroys the structure of the material, and the memory effect is lost.

As you can see, the variety of modern materials and “designs” allows you to choose a pillow for every taste and for any needs. We hope that our article will help you to understand all the intricacies and make the right choice.