Blender is almost every hostess. This is a very useful thing, but only some housewives do not find her use in their kitchen. Why it happens and how to use the blender every day.

The main task of the blender is to grind and mix. But we should not expect a miracle from him and the fact that he will do all the work in the kitchen for you. This tool is indispensable in the hands of an experienced housewife, and the clumsy will gather dust somewhere in the closet. It is important to learn how to use the blender correctly so that it will be useful and last for many years.

There are two types of blenders: submersible and stationary. The stationary blender (i.e. with a bowl) is designed only for a strictly limited number of products. Fold the products in the bowl, leaving a couple of centimeters to the brim, cover with a lid and turn on the blender. In a couple of minutes, a fresh vegetable, berry or fruit smoothie will be ready. In addition to fresh products in a stationary blender, you can beat the boiled vegetables, for example, for the preparation of cream soup.

In the bowl of the blender can not be whipped hot products, so there is no overload of the motor. In addition, the plastic bowl of a blender may become cloudy from the hot.

Please note that the stationary blender is designed only for certain products.For example, he can not cope with the grinding of greens. Also, the stationary blender is not designed for grinding dry solids, such as crackers.


The immersion blender, unlike the stationary one, has a wider range of applications. For example, with its help it is possible to grind as small portions of products with which stationary, and big can not cope. : never turn on the immersion blender for a very long time to prevent the motor from overheating, and especially not to immerse it in boiling water. Another taboo for an immersion blender is the grinding of solid products that do not produce juice.

It is very convenient to use the submersible blender to cook the cream soup immediately in the pan, in which it was cooked. Just keep in mind that there will be quite a lot of spray, so the pan should be deep.

Despite the fact that any kind of blender easily copes with juicy vegetables and fruits, garlic, onions, horseradish and other roots can cause problems in terms of grinding. Due to the lack of juice, products are poorly crushed, so they will in no way become a puree, if this is your goal. To achieve very small pieces, say, like after rubbing on a grate or passing through a meat grinder, you need to know the simple secret and use the blender correctly: you should add at least a couple of tablespoons of liquid, such as cream or water, to solid products, it all depends on what can be used in your recipe.

Many housewives would like to use a blender not only for grinding, but also for other purposes. For example, for beating. Let’s see what and how to beat a blender. Blender can be whipped up various juicy products for making a cocktail, as well as eggs with milk and flour to make a pancake dough. But to beat the eggs in a blender, even under the condition that you have a nozzle-whisk, will not work. Proteins will not turn into strong peaks, as the speed of the blender is not suitable for this purpose. By the way, you will not be able to beat the sturdy dough, for example, for charlotte. The blender will draw only liquid masses.

Another eternal question: how to make mashed potatoes blender. Puree soups cook in a blender is very simple. But with the usual mashed potatoeswill have to put aside the blender. The rotation speed of the blender knives is so high that they turn the potato masses into sticky paste. In appearance, such mashed potatoes look very beautiful and airy, but on the palate you will be very disappointed. In favor of using a blender for making various mashed potatoes, it can be said that it produces well pastes from boiled liver, cheese snacks and mashed berries and fruits for preservation.