How to remove the bubbles on the wallpaper after drying? What to do in this case?

How to remove the bubbles on the wallpaper after drying? What to do in this case?

How to remove the bubbles on the wallpaper after drying? What to do in this case?It often happens that after pasting on wallpaper there may appear small (and, sometimes, rather large) bubbles. They may well occur immediately, or a little later, immediately after drying and the glue, and the wallpaper itself. In the first case, you should not worry.Most of the wallpaper (especially thin), until well dried out, can completely and not be smoothed out. But, if enough time has passed, the wallpaper is already completely dry, and the bubbles on them have not disappeared, then the situation will have to be corrected.This can be done in various ways. But, first of all, you need to find out for yourself the main reasons for which these bubbles themselves could appear.

Bubbles on the wallpaper. Why do they appear after sticking? Main reasons

It is possible that the glue you caught poor quality, or it does not fit your type of wallpaper.For example, in its density, the glue may not match the wallpaper. It also happens that you bought the glue that you need, but prepared it incorrectly, that is, not according to the instructions. If you have bubbles on non-woven wallpaper, it is quite possible gluing was wrong. When sticking this type of wallpaper, do not apply glue too intensively, both on the wallpaper itself and on the walls.

Glue on any type of wallpaper, you need to apply only evenly. If you smeared the wallpaper with glue, then you need to have time to glue them before it is dry. If you keep them for a long time with a spread of glue, and do not stick, then often the wallpaper just swells up a lot. Later, of course, they still dry out on the wall. But, in this case, the paper shrinks heavily, displacing the air, as a result, we again get bubbles.

Elementary drafts in the room, during the procedure of wallpapering, can also “inflate” your wallpaper on the wall.

How to remove such bubbles?

You can solve the problem in different ways, that is, you need various tools to do this. This may be a plastic spatula or other tools. So, if the bubbles appeared on vinyl wallpaper, then you need to remove them with a brush. If on flizelinovy, then the rubber roller. And, if on a simple paper, then using a soft cloth. You need to do this on the same day when you pokleili wallpaper. To do this, we take a tool that is suitable for your type of wallpaper, and with its help we drive out all the excess glue from under them. Further, the surface is simply wiped with a dry (necessarily clean!) Rag.

If the wallpaper is already dry, and the bubbles have not disappeared, then you will need a medical syringe. It will need to be filled with wallpaper glue. Where a bubble has formed, the wallpaper is carefully cut (the cut should be quite small), the air is released, and a needle is inserted there. Then, quietly, the glue is poured in there with a syringe, and then this area is smoothed with a soft cloth.

How to remove the bubbles on the wallpaper after drying? What to do in this case?


This should be done only from the very edges of the bubble to its center. So you can remove from it all the excess glue, which will come out through the small hole you made.

Even a very hot iron can be used to remove bubbles. True, you can use the iron is not for all types of wallpaper. Bubble must, again, be slightly incised, take the iron (do not heat it up much!), Put the fabric on several layers on top of the wallpaper and iron this area through the fabric. You can do this if the wallpaper has recently pasted, and they have not had time to completely dry.