How to get rid of the smell in the washing machine

How to get rid of the smell in the washing machine

Washing machine is in every home and the problem of its cleanliness is relevant for many. The unpleasant smell from the car is not a new problem, but the problem is not in the smell itself … What is the danger of pollution in the car and how to get rid of them?

Washing machine is the best assistant in the household. It is difficult to manage without it and it is very unpleasant, if it is suddenly discovered that it smells bad from the car or from the washed laundry. The smell can be different, it smells of stuffiness, sewage, mold or an incomprehensible mixture of disgusting “aromas”.

Causes of an unpleasant smell from a washing machine

The reason for the unpleasant smell is fungi and bacteria that accumulate inside the washing machine, as well as their metabolic products. Sometimes it is enough to open the car and immediately visible inside the black or gray-green mold. The mold in the washing machine must be disposed of immediately. Sometimes everything that you can inspect and wipe clean, but the smell does not go anywhere.

The device of the washing machine is quite simple, but there are various cavities inaccessible for wiping and manual cleaning. There moisture accumulates and bacteria multiply. In any instruction manual is written: after each wash, the machine must be dried with the doors open. Does everyone perform this item?

How to get rid of the smell in the washing machine

Even if the machine is regularly dried, a smell problem may occur. It is possible that some water remains in the washing machine due to improper connection of the drain to the sewer.Sometimes you just need to change the drain hose. Many soap powders and thick rinses contribute to the formation of a fungus that causes a bad odor, because they are not completely washed off with water when rinsing. If possible, use them less often or even give up these funds.

Unfortunately, the modern “eco-friendly” and “economical” style of washing at low temperature with a minimum of rinse water contributes to the reproduction and prosperity of entire colonies of microorganisms inside the washing machine. Is it dangerous?

What are the dangerous fungi and bacteria from the washing machine?

In the air of an apartment or office, on various surfaces, there are always various microorganisms on human skin and inside it. Not all of these bacteria are pathogens, but extremely harmful ones are found among them. A healthy person with a strong immune system does not suffer from such a neighborhood, but for an old man or a child this can cause serious illness.Many types of mold cause allergies.

How to get rid of the smell in the washing machine

If all bedding is washed in a dirty machine, and even in cold water, then mold spores will inevitably remain on sheets and pillowcases. With a quick wash in cold water, bacteria from underwear will be on kitchen towels, and therefore on the dishes. You just dreamed of such a “clean”?

Bed linen can be ironed after washing, it will kill bacteria. It is good if you can dry your laundry in the summer in the sun or in the winter in the cold. But not everyone is available and not always convenient.

How to deal with pollution in the washing machine?

Types of pollution can be different, but the methods of dealing with bacteria and mold are similar, you need to try different methods until you can get rid of the unpleasant smell, dirt and mold in the washing machine.

Wash and dry

If an unpleasant smell from a washing machine is detected, then the first thing to do is to wash with warm water and soap and wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth all the compartments that are available for manual cleaning. Be sure to clean the water drain filters. After that, dry the car with the doors open. Sometimes these measures are enough.

Wash at high temperature

Many microorganisms die when heated. Washing at high temperature allows you to solve the problem if there is contamination in the drum or in the water supply and heating system. It is best to expose the highest temperature of washing and wash in this mode something of little value and not fading from cotton. However, even if you choose a high-temperature wash mode, it is not a fact that your washing machine will heat the water to this temperature. Many manufacturers of household appliances in the pursuit of efficiency reduce heating time, reduce water consumption for washing and rinsing. What is there for the regime is actually obtained, it is difficult to control.

How to get rid of the smell in the washing machine

There are more and more studies showing that washing in cold water does not destroy pathogenic bacteria and does not contribute to the hygiene of linen. Researchers claim that washing machines contaminated with bacteria pollute the water entering them for a new wash. In the US, multiple lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of washing machines with horizontal (side, front) loading due to the formation of mold in them.

Use washing machine cleaning agents

You can buy a special washing powder with antibacterial additives (do not confuse with bio washing powders that contain enzymes). Many powders and liquid detergents contain substances that affect the ability of microorganisms to multiply, thus destroying colonies of bacteria and fungi at low washing temperatures. But very often they have a whitening effect and are suitable only for white fabrics. In this case, you should alternate washing with different types of detergents.

Instead of the conditioner, you can use 5-6% vinegar. It softens the water, well rinses the remnants of the powder, and also destroys static electricity when drying clothes in a dryer. Vinegar does not contain perfume additives and does not irritate the skin. Using vinegar for washing is very simple, you can add it to the air conditioner compartment of the washing machine.

Means of prevention from the unpleasant smell of the washing machine

To avoid the smell of a washing machine:

  • Always keep the door of the washing machine open between washes so that the machine can dry completely inside;
  • Immediately reach and dry the washed laundry so that it does not lie inside the machine;
  • Never save dirty laundry inside the machine;
  • Do not use the quick wash mode in cold water – it is useless and does not erase anything;
  • Use the extra rinse mode if it is provided in your washing machine;
  • Wash light cotton and linen under high temperature (up to 90 degrees) with ordinary washing powders.

Any household appliances require constant care and attention to the rules of operation. Keep your car clean and use proper detergents and be sure the bad smell will be gone forever!