The secret of fresh towels

wash fresh towels

The mobile phone and keyboard have competitors to spread microbes – towels. Researchers argue that dirty towels are one of the biggest culprits for the spread of microbes. What should I do to keep the towels clean?

It should be noted, when hygiene experts talk about dirty towels, they do not mean worn rags of incomprehensible color that have not been washed since the last century. It is a question of quite clean-looking bath towels or hand towels, which have already been used at least once. Often they have a musty smell, sometimes they are moldy. It is microorganisms that parasitize on moist tissue that are responsible for the unpleasant odor.

The causes of the accumulation of bacteria and fungi on towels

If there are several main reasons:

  • The towel retains moisture for a long time, contributing to the survival of bacteria;
  • Towels are used in those premises of the house where there are more microorganisms (toilet, bathroom, kitchen);
  • towels are difficult to wash off ideally because of the properties of the absorbent fabric.

Can you avoid the risk of diseases from stale towels and get rid of their musty smell? Of course, if you stick to a few simple tips.

Washing frequency

Towels should be washed often, even if they seem clean. If the family has 2-3 people, then the towels for the hands need to be changed every three days. Children should have their own individual towels, in adults – depending on traditions and habits.

In addition, dirty towels should not be stored, it is better to wash them immediately. If you have to postpone washing – be sure to take care that the dirty towels are dry, not twisted into a wet tangle. On wet towels very quickly appears a gray coating of mold fungi, and get rid of mold isvery difficult.

How to wash towels

Wash in hot water

A double dose of washing powder will not have any effect – the fabric will simply absorb more detergent, it will be more difficult to rinse, but this will not affect their purity. If it is not a question of heavily soiled textiles with difficult washable stains. The best way to remove germs and mold fungi from towels is to wash in hot water, preferably at 60 ° C to 90 ° C. But always and always need to follow the care instructions on the towel label.

Drying with fresh air

The cause of an unpleasant odor can also be drying – if dried indoors and without fresh air.Remove the towels from the washing machine as soon as the washing cycle has finished. If they are a little wet in the drum, they will absorb a moist and musty smell. Dry towels should be in the dryer, but preferably on the street or in a room with fresh air, hung them so that there was enough space between them. This will also contribute to the preservation of softness.

The ideal way to dry bed linen and towels was known to our grandmothers. They hung out washed on stretched ropes in the courtyards, the sun and the breeze quickly dried clothes. It not only rejoiced fresh fragrance, but also cleanliness. The sun’s rays kill the bacteria. In winter, frost is successfully coped with this task.

How to wash towels

Antibacterial agents

If even after washing and drying the towels have an unpleasant smell, do not get discouraged!The solution is – soaking the towels in special antibacterial liquid detergent. The peculiarity of such means is that they prevent the appearance and reproduction of bacteria after washing.And in order not to harm the tissues – strictly observe the rules of use prescribed in the instructions. What is too – it’s not sensible, so do not throw a double dose of powder or soak the towels for longer than necessary. Also carefully choose the product – give preference to environmentally friendly solutions without aggressive synthetic components.


Freshly washed towels require enough space on the shelves. They should not be pushed into cabinets, it is better to carefully fold them into stacks or special laundry baskets. For a pleasant smell, you can use a variety of aromatic products – tissue pads with aromatic herbs, fragrant varieties of soap, incense sticks and the like.

How to wash towels

Therefore, wash and keep the towels correctly – and in the kitchen it will be pleasant to tinker, and water procedures to take. But if the above methods do not help to get rid of the musty smell of towels, then obviously it’s time to buy new ones!

Odorless and fresh towels for each hook and shelf!