Floor lamp in the interior

Many of the famous interior designers consider floor lamps the most spectacular type of lamp. It is more than a light source. A floor lamp is always a bright decorative element, it can be the center of the composition and its successful addition. How to choose and use a floor lamp in the interior?

Floor lamps appeared on sale at the beginning of the last century and quickly gained popularity. Buyers immediately appreciated the convenience of such a luminaire: it is not necessary to drill a wall to hang, easily rearranged from one place to another, if only the length of the cord allows. In the afternoon and in the evening it can decorate a drawing room, at night it is useful in a bedroom.

With this lamp it is easy to change accents in the design of a room, creating a cozy corner with a soft diffused light in the right place or filling an empty space with a stylish object with a bright shade, elongated in height.

Floor lamp in the interior

What is a floor lamp?

A classic floor lamp is a lamp with a high stem with a large lampshade and a heavy base for stability. The light source is incandescent lamps, LED lamps or so-called “housekeepers”.

The lamp shade serves to diffuse light and at the same time is an important element of decor in the interior. Glass and fabric – the main materials for the classic versions of the lampshades. Nowadays, lampshades are made from plastic and metal, ribbons and beads, from almost anything, if the device does not use a powerful incandescent lamp.

Floor lamp in the interior

The place of such a lamp is in the corner of the room or at the head of the sofa. It provides local lighting.

Modern floor lamps in interior design

Modern floor lamps are very different from their progenitors. And it’s not just the appearance of new materials and technologies. The very concept of such a lamp has changed. Lamps appeared on arched bases, complex articulated structures that allow the light source to be carried to any place in the room, while the base is still in a secluded corner where it does not bother anyone.From a local source of illumination the floor lamp moved to the category of a universal lamp. With it, you can implement almost any task in interior design.

Floor lamp in the interior

For example, the lamp on a graceful metal arch can be located above the seating area and the seating area, and if necessary, be turned in the middle of the room to illuminate the festive table.

A folding bracket of several brackets allows you to place a floor lamp above your desk at a convenient height for practice. In this case, it performs the role of a desk lamp, not occupying a place on the plane of the table. In a fully unfolded form, such a support is able to bring the light source to the middle of a small room. This design is very convenient for a small room where it does not make sense to hang the chandelier from the ceiling and to additionally illuminate the work area and the rest area.

An excellent choice would be a floor lamp with adjustable light intensity. To read a book, you need a bright enough light, for a romantic evening you can create a pleasant atmosphere “by candlelight.” Since the lighting from the candles will not be enough, the diffused warm light of a stylish floor lamp will create the desired comfort and highlight the presence of decorative lighting.

Floor lamp in the interior

A floor lamp in the bedroom will successfully replace a desk lamp, a wall lamp for night lighting, and emphasize the elegance of interior design.

The floor lamp is very convenient in that it can be rearranged painlessly in any part of the room (the main thing is that the cord should reach the outlet), or remove it from it altogether. Unlike sconces, it does not need to be fixed, and thanks to the most diverse designs and forms it can be used as a source of illumination, and as a light. With a wise choice, it will successfully fit into the interior and become its integral part.

How to choose a floor lamp?

The main selection criterion is the style of the room. A classic floor lamp with a voluminous lamp shade or an exquisite modern style, strict minimalism or pretentious glamor – catalogs and good taste will help to find a lamp in the right style.

The lampshade is chosen either in neutral tones or in the main accent color.You can choose the color of the sofa, armchair or curtains. If you plan to transfer a floor lamp from one room to another, then a neutral color will be your best choice: white, gray, milky, silver, beige. Such shades fit well in almost any color palette.

Floor lamp in the interior

The design of the room in discreet light colors will give the speakers bright elements of decor: colorful pillows, lampshade lamp, floor vase. In such a room, you can safely choose a floor lamp, which doesn’t fit in with anything at all – in this case it will serve as an accent. Support this accent easily and simply with the help of textiles – bedspreads, pillows, rugs.