Covers for furniture. Savings or a fashion trend?

Covers for furniture

Covers for furniture are a well-forgotten classic.

They were actively used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers in order to extend the life of their furniture. Now the fashion for these accessories is returning. What is attractive furniture covers?

Everyone knows that a good sofa can serve for many years, but the upholstery loses sight quite quickly. Over time, it wears off, burns, gets dirty. At the same time buying new soft furniture every 2-3 years is inappropriate and not everyone can afford it. It is much easier and cheaper to update the sofas and armchairs, replacing the upholstery. But there is an even simpler and more accessible way – these are covers for furniture.

Recently, cases have been used not only for purely practical purposes, but also as an element of decor. There were interesting models of elastic fabrics, imitation fur and green lawn. African motifs and Scandinavian patterns, mottled oriental fabrics and exotic materials – all this can be used for making covers.

Covers for furniture

What are the covers for furniture?

It is not necessary to wait, when the upholstery is exterminated, covers can be used for prevention. Here are the tasks you can easily solve with their help:

  • Protection of furniture in the process of its operation;
  • Updating the design and changing the style of the interior;
  • Preparation for holidays and parties.

Covers for furniture

The upholstery upholstery protection is especially relevant if the family has a small child, a cat or a dog. Children like to paint all available surfaces.Animals leave their marks. The cover on the sofa can be washed or given for cleaning, and the upholstery will have to be changed. A wise grandmother, waiting for her grandchildren, will put on covers for her furniture and will calmly watch their antics.

Long gone are the times when soft furniture for the interior was chosen in a non-tinted manner, so that it would suit all occasions and served for many years. More and more popularity is gaining a fashion to change the color scheme of your house depending on the season. And what is better for furniture covers suitable for the implementation of such an idea! Warm red-orange shades are good for a cold winter, and a gentle green with a floral pattern will give a spring mood!

Using different cases, you can safely change the style of the interior. A classic sofa easily turns a sofa from an eastern fairy tale, if you put on it a bright cover and pick up pillows with brushes and colored rollers. Adding a few pieces of decor can completely transform the style of the room. Fantasy has no limits – it is known to everyone, and just the covers help us to realize it.

Covers for furniture

In addition, rearrangements of upholstered furniture depending on the time of year also create a problem. For example, if in winter the center of the living room is a fireplace, around it there are a sofa and armchairs, then with the arrival of a warm summer, the sofa is moved to a window or a glass door to the terrace, the chairs remain in the old place. The upholstery of the sofa in the sun burns out faster, it becomes noticeable with time. A bright cover on the sofa will help to avoid such trouble, and with a skillful combination of fabric and decor will emphasize the two centers in the living room.

Theme parties and children’s holidays require special preparation. To ensure that the cost of interior design is not sky-high, use the covers for upholstered furniture in the style chosen for the party. Fabrics are inexpensive, models – depending on the subject. It’s no secret that furniture is often not enough for all guests. In the case are old chairs and stools from the pantry, sometimes even neighbors have to borrow. Simple cases will make of all this raznoboy excellent kit! And the fact that after such an event it is necessary to clean the upholstery of the sofa from ice cream or salad is known to everyone. Covers for upholstered furniture and here help! Keep them until the next holiday is also not difficult, places they occupy a bit.

Covers for furniture

Which cases to choose?

Furniture covers can be divided into two types:

  • Fabrics made for a particular sofa or armchairs;
  • Elastic stretch, which is suitable for almost anything.

Fabric covers repeat the shape of the furniture, they are usually with a zipper, it is not difficult to remove them. Sewing covers is not always easy. Complex forms of armchairs and sofas complicate the work. And the shapeless rags lying ugly folds, the interior does not decorate.Help specialist here will not be superfluous.

Recently, ready-made stretch covers for furniture have appeared on sale. They are easily stretched and compressed, able to take any shape. Today, buy elastic covers for furniture simply, their choice is huge. Many prefer to buy ready-made covers for upholstered furniture also because they know in advance what the result will be.

Covers for furniture

How to care for covers

Care for them is simple – furniture covers do not necessarily give in dry cleaning, they can be washed in a washing machine. The mode is chosen depending on the type of tissue.

For people suffering from allergies to detergents, it’s just a godsend. Do not use chemicals to clean the upholstery, which can not be removed completely.