No matter how perfect the dishware is, you still need to wash it. Let’s learn how to clean the ceramic pan, which is so fond of housewives for anti-joint coating and uniform heating.

Ceramic dishes – the most time-tested. There was a period when it was neglected, pushed into the far corner. However, with the advent of modern technology ceramics revived. True, the pan is not made of pure ceramics, but simply covers the metal with a layer of ceramic anti-carbon substance. This type of pans, which has been extremely popular lately, has a very smooth, uniform surface. But in the care of such pans are very whimsical and require care. If you scratch heavily, you can damage the top layer, which is why the food will start to burn. Cooking in such dishes is pleasant and healthy. But what to do if there was soot?

Ways to clean the pan

There are several options to clean the ceramic pan. They depend on the degree of contamination.

How to clean a ceramic pan

  • If the soot is not strong, and he did not have time to dry, then just fill the dishes with water. She has to stand for some time, the pollution is otmynut, and then it is necessary to wipe it with a sponge. You can use a soft gel without aggressive substances.
  • If you understand that the usual soaking does not help, then put the pan with water and a small amount of gel on the stove. Let the water be heated, and the remnants of the burnt food steamed. This way you can clean almost any pans and pots, even with the most delicate coating. Soda can not be added.
  • Some stains can be removed with alcohol. It is necessary to moisten a cloth or a piece of cotton wool in it and clean the surface. Do not forget to rinse the pan after that.
  • It is even better to use the means for washing the ovens, after making sure that they do not contain citric acid and bleach. These detergents perfectly dissolve the most complex soot. And since the soot in the pan is very similar to the soot inside the oven, then it will be great for you to return the dish to a clean look.

Some sources recommend the use of a melamine sponge. However, do not rush to grab it to clean the pan.

The instructions for use of the sponge melamine says that you can not clean the surface that will come into contact with food. So you can perfectly clean the outside, but you don’t need to do that with the inside.

Recommendations for use

All manufacturers advise for the first time to wash the ceramic pan with warm water and wipe dry. And before using it should be lightly greased with vegetable oil inside.

Do not scratch the pan with hard metal sponges and brushes. Do not use abrasive powders.

After the pan is washed, you can wipe it with a paper napkin, dripping a little olive oil on the bottom. Oil very well softens and removes all residues of pollution. Then re-rinse the cover and wipe.

To prevent the internal surface from deteriorating, use wooden, bamboo or silicone blades. Do not heat the pan or place food on it directly from the freezer. From sudden changes in temperature, sputtering deteriorates very quickly.