Awesome things to make using empty wine bottles

Since you’re a student we’re guessing you’ve got some empty cans and bottles lying around. Just a hunch.

Well, whilst those beer cans might be a bit of a lost cause, turns out your wine bottles may be ripe for reusing. But we aren’t just talking recycling here. We’re talking upcycling.

That’s right, it’s the craze that’s sweeping the internet (or as a lot of people like to call it, Pinterest) and it’s all about turning your rubbish in to functional, beautiful stuff.

In the case of wine bottles you can make art, light and even water your garden. So whether you’re looking to decorate or innovate, your empty bottles could be just the ticket.

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1. Sweet holders
enter image description here
Simply wash them out, soak the labels off and stick in some sweets to make a colourful, and tasty, counter filler.

2. A work of art

enter image description here
With a bit of clay and some bits and pieces of your choosing you can turn that dull mass-produced bottle into something worthy of display. Not only will it look great but you’ll have fun along the way.

3. Some awesome lighting

enter image description here
Trying to find something to do with those fairy lights in the months after Christmas? Well here’s your solution. Stick them in you empties! And, if you’re so inclined, decorate them a bit on the outside too. You’d be amazed what you can do with a bit of black tape.

4. A wrist accessory stand

enter image description here
This one is pretty self explanatory. Stick your bracelets and bangles on top of the bottle. Bish, bash, bosh, space saved.

5. A automated water system for your garden

enter image description here
Want something a little more niche? Well have you got some plants that you never remember (or remember to be bothered) to water? Yes? Then simply put some water in a wine bottle, carefully turn it upside down and plunge it halfway in to the soil (trying your best not to spill it everywhere).

If all goes to plan (and you put in enough water to match the amount of soil it’s going in to) the water will be gradually soaked up as needed. Perfect.

6. A Bird Feeder

enter image description here
Fill it up with bird feed (after washing it out – we don’t want any drunk birds now do we), upend it slowly and suspend it with just enough space to let food out of the bottom as and when needed. You’ll have the birds coming in no time, once you’ve put it in the garden that is, do remember to put it in the garden.

7. A decorative shelf

enter image description here
If you aren’t afraid of a spot of amateur carpentry then with 2 planks of wood, some carefully cut holes and some well placed wine bottles and hooks, you can rustle up an inventive shelf or desktop in no time.

8. A hanging candle stand

enter image description here
If you can find a means of securely attaching it to a wall and can summon the strength to jam a candle in to it then you just might have what it takes to make some homemade, wine bottle based lighting solutions.

9. A wine-cock

enter image description here
We aren’t going to lie, the frame looks like a real pain to make and to be even more honest, we aren’t sure how you’d go about making it. But we’re sure it’s possible and it is a really great idea. If you want one but are as confused as us about how to go about getting your very own wine-cock then it is possible to buy one here.

10. Decorative noticeboards

enter image description here
With a bit of paint, some blackboard paint and (optionally) some tastefully applied twine you can turn an empty reminder of a heavy nights drinking into a noticeboard fit for the kitchen table.

11. A wine shaped blackboard

enter image description here
Or why not go all out? Just cover that think in blackboard paint and get writing!