If you are concerned about overweight, and, wanting to get rid of them, are going to resolutely go on the offensive, then go to a diet that will help you become slimmer. 

A wonderful rice diet for weight loss will cope with the task.

In the ranking of the most effective methods of weight loss diets using rice occupy one of the highest positions. As a rule, they are based on rice and vegetables. The “first violin” belongs to rice, the staple food of all eastern nations. Why so wise and slim people of the East love these grains? Among which, by the way, many long-livers.

What is the value of rice?

The main advantages of rice is that it:

  • Nutritious;
  • Low Calorien;
  • Contains a large amount of vitamins;
  • Saturated with beneficial fiber;
  • It has a pleasant neutral taste.

Modest rice grains (especially unpeeled) are capable of:

  • Remove unwanted salts from the human body;
  • Beneficial effect on the digestive process;
  • Purify the body from “slagging”.

Rice diet for weight loss

The rice diet is sometimes simply overwhelming: with the observance of certain conditions, a person’s weight can go literally by the hour. However, it has huge advantages in the form of:

  • The almost complete absence of contraindications;
  • Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • A person losing weight does not have a lack of vitamins.

Picking rice

Before you start a rice diet, you need to choose the right product. Much depends on it – not every variety of rice will bring the desired effect and benefit. What kind of rice should I buy? Unfortunately, the most common type of rice – white polished – is not the best option for diets. The fact is that during grinding, the majority of beneficial nutrients are removed. Such rice should not be chosen for a strict diet on one rice. But in combination with vegetables, this variety of rice is quite suitable.

Another popular type of rice is steamed. It can be easily recognized by its characteristic amber color. It fits much more. In the process of special processing, such rice only improves its characteristics, while retaining almost all the vitamins and minerals.

Rice diet for weight loss

And, of course, the most useful of all types of rice is brown. By the way, in eastern countries it is used for cooking for children and the elderly. And this is quite understandable. After all, the greatest number of valuable substances is contained in the shell of the grain. And in brown rice, it is completely preserved. Because of this, he has such a color. Dietitians strongly recommend using brown rice for healthy eating and for different diets.

Rice diets a lot. Let’s try to systematize their diversity.

Variants of rice diets

We divide existing rice diets according to the degree of weight loss intensity.Let’s not forget about the benefits, because rice, as a product, has good healing properties.

The toughest, but also the most intense is called the “rice cup”

Diet rice glass

It will help literally in 3 days to destroy from 3 to 5 kg. The point is very simple: boil 1 cup of rice. This is your daily diet. Divide the whole volume into 3-4 equal parts and eat during the day.

For a variety of menus you can eat 2-3 green apples. Be sure to drink daily at least 2.5 liters of pure water. It is important to drink 30 minutes before a meal or an hour after eating another batch.

During such a diet you should not tire yourself with physical exertion, so as not to feel weakness.

Rice kefir diet

This is a softer, but no less effective rice-kefir diet. Its duration – 5 days, will help get rid of 4-5 kg, if you strictly follow the recommendations. They are.The daily ration consists of:

  • 1 cup boiled rice;
  • 0.5 liters of kefir;
  • 2 green apples;
  • 2.5 liters of clean water.

It is necessary to eat the permitted ration for 3-5 receptions. In the breaks drink 1-2 glasses of water.

Rice honey diet

Soft and pleasant diet. If you sit on it for a week, you can lose 3-5 kg. The daily ration is more democratic. Rice is allowed to eat 0.5 kg (boiled of course) for 4-5 receptions. It is “sweetened” with a delicious honey-lemon drink. You need to drink it 3 times a day for a glass.

It is easy to prepare it: dissolve a spoonful of honey in a glass of warm boiled water and squeeze a lemon slice there.

Such a diet intensively activates metabolic processes, the weight quickly begins to go away.
It should be noted that any rice diet with osteochondrosis is simply an irreplaceable thing, because it removes excess salt from the body. When losing weight, the load on the joints is noticeably reduced, which will also have a very beneficial effect on the body.

The most active and cleansing, which in addition to salts will remove the excess liquid is a salt-free rice diet.

Diet “five volumes”

In glasses, put 2 tablespoons of rice. Fill them with boiled chilled water. For 4 days, change the water in the cups daily. During these days, the water will remove all the starch from the rice and it will change its structure – it will become porous, like a sponge. And just like it, it will begin to absorb all the salts, slags and harmful substances that have accumulated in your body.That’s all. Rice is ready.

From the fifth day you start a diet. From the first glass drain the water and eat all the rice – raw and soaked, without any additives. Refill the glass with rice and water.

The next day, repeat the manipulation of the second glass. And so absorb the soaked rice for 2 weeks. During this time, your body will be perfectly cleansed, excess liquid and salts will leave.

Surprisingly, you can eat in the usual way, with such a rice diet menu will not have to change. Only need to eat without salt. Avoid salty foods, such as fast food, sausages. Give preference to natural products.

The loss in weight will not be too big (2-4 kg), but the benefits to the body compensate for it. If this option seems to you impracticable, then consider the latest version of the diet.

Rice diet “for a week”

The most gentle and “easily tolerable” of all. Hungry flour with her are not terrible. At the heart – rice and vegetables. Moreover, vegetables in any variants: raw, stewed, boiled. The main thing is that their volume in food intake should be less than or equal to the volume of rice eaten.

Be sure to include in the menu legumes (beans, lentils, soy), it is a source of essential protein. Mayonnaise and salt are forbidden; use only soy sauce from seasonings.

Eat on time: breakfast, lunch, dinner. During the afternoon, you can enjoy the fruit. And now the most important condition. Fold the palm in the form of a plate. It is this handful that is the amount of food that you can eat at one time. And remember that most or half of it should be boiled rice.