Coconut Hair Oil

Coconut Hair Oil

Thick and beautiful hair – the dream of every woman, but the elegant head of hair is given to little by nature. And those who are lucky enough to have beautiful hair, have to regularly maintain this beauty.

What just have not learned to use for many years, women, caring for hair!Often, natural oils are used for these purposes, and one of these is coconut oil, the effectiveness of which has long been proven. Indian hair oil and Thai hair oil are the secret of beautiful and healthy hair for women whose homeland grows a lot of palm trees.

Coconut Hair Oil

Special properties allow the use of coconut oil for hair growth, and the dense structure does not lose valuable protein, of which, in fact, consists of the hair itself. This product is able to reliably protect the hair roots from harmful chemical and mechanical effects, which are difficult to avoid in modern environmental conditions, as well as the regular use of styling products, paints and a hot hair dryer.

It is worth noting that unrefined coconut oil for hair is much more useful, but it is not recommended to apply it directly on the scalp. The fact is that covering the skin, it forms a film that does not allow the products of the functioning of the sebaceous glands to go outside. Often this leads to the appearance of comedones, so the use of coconut oil for the hair along the entire length is most welcome.

Refined coconut oil for hair is less useful, but it can be applied both along the entire length of the hair and on the roots. Therefore, before you choose a particular oil, you need to know exactly how it will be applied – in the form of a mask for the entire length of hair or only on the roots. You can also make a mask of coconut oil for the ends of the hair.

When applied, natural coconut oil for hair usually spreads through the hair, easily enveloping the hair from root to tip. As a result of its impact, the hair will become more healthy, stop cutting and will acquire a natural shine.Especially useful is coconut oil for dry hair. Also, it is perfect for owners of wavy curls. Coconut oil is not recommended for oily hair, as well as for problematic scalp prone to rashes and itching.

Coconut Hair Oil

Coconut oil belongs to the category of solid oils and at a sufficiently low temperature it usually hardens, losing transparency. However, solid coconut oil for hair can be applied after a couple of minutes, melting it in your own hands, or even faster if you send it in a microwave or water bath. It is recommended to apply it on hair in small quantities, as it is extremely dense and greasy, and when applied it is better to use a comb. There are a lot of recipes for masks using coconut oil for hair, so anyone who dreams of a luxurious head of hair will be able to choose the most suitable miracle mixture for themselves.

Coconut Hair Mask

The simplest mask of coconut oil

Coconut oil in itself is useful, even without mixing with other essential oils .Therefore, the easiest way to use coconut oil for hair is to apply it in a heated form over the entire length of the hair. And to perform such a procedure can be exactly as much as you want.

Coconut oil mask for colored hair

It will perfectly restore dry and damaged hair. For its application, you should melt a small amount of solid coconut oil in your hands, distribute it over the entire length of the hair and wrap it with a film. This mask should be applied before washing the hair, and should be kept for about an hour. Rinse this mixture first with running water, and then you can use shampoo. It is not necessary to use hair conditioner after this mask; however, if you feel excessively greasy, you can rinse your hair with water with lemon juice or a decoction of any herb.

Coconut oil mask to protect hair

Coconut oil is not required to be washed off in this mask, as it will play a protective role. So, it will significantly reduce the negative impact of sea salt or sunlight, so in resort conditions, coconut oil is simply indispensable. The protective mask is applied using a sprayer, with special attention paid to the tips of the hair. This procedure will require a very small amount of coconut oil so that no hair is stuck together. After spraying coconut oil, the hair should be combed, and preferably with a natural bristle brush. With proper implementation of the procedure of applying a protective mask of coconut oil, your hair will look brisk and silky.

Coconut Oil Straightening Mask

For its preparation you will need to mix 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil with the same amount of liquid honey. To these ingredients add one egg white and mix thoroughly. This mixture is applied to the hair and covered with a film and a warm towel, and washed off in an hour.

Often, coconut oil is used as a base for masks. The fact is that this product contains myristic acid, which allows the components of any mask to be absorbed into the skin more easily. Below are a few examples of coconut oil based masks.

Mask with coconut oil for hair growth

It not only stimulates active hair growth, but also prevents their loss. To prepare this mask, you will need to mix the following ingredients: one teaspoon of glycerin, two teaspoons of coconut oil, one egg white and half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Keep this mixture on the hair should be about an hour, and rinse – without using shampoo.

Coconut oil mask for weak hair

To prepare it, you need to mix in equal proportions coconut and burdock oil , heat them in a water bath and apply on the hair, starting from the roots. This mask should be kept for less than an hour, and rinse off with a shampoo. In another embodiment, a mask based on coconut oil for weakened hair, burdock oil is replaced by almond oil and essential oil of tea tree is added to the mixture.

Coconut oil mask for volume

For its preparation it is necessary to mix in equal proportions sour cream and coconut oil. All ingredients should be preheated before mixing. Smetannuyu mask is applied to the hair, starting from the roots, and hold for at least an hour, and then thoroughly washed hair with shampoo. You can rinse hair bread kvass, a little diluted with water.

How to choose coconut oil

Coconut oil can be purchased at a pharmacy or a specialized cosmetics store.High-quality oil has a white color, a pleasant aroma and a solid structure. If the oil smells strongly of coconut, if the smell is harsh, chemical, then fragrances were used in the production, which indicates that the product is not fresh.

Coconut oil does not apply to expensive products, so the probability of its forgery is low. But still, buy oil in specialized stores or pharmacies and always carefully read the label and composition. It is better to trust large and well-known manufacturers.