How to choose the right color of clothes

How to choose the right color of clothes

The main rule of harmony – the basic color of clothing should emphasize, shade appearance, and not “eclipse” the natural beauty. How do you determine which colors suit your appearance type? How to use your favorite color, if it is not the right one for you?

Our grandmothers said: “This color is for you!” This meant that the shade of the dress successfully emphasizes the complexion of the face, eyes and hair, it harmonizes with the whole appearance. Every woman knows what color it is. Brunettes often choose scarlet, burgundy, the color of mahogany, and blondes prefer blue, pink. Red-haired girls wear green, yellow and all shades of red-brown.

What if you still have an open question about your “correct” color scheme? How to be if you like red or orange, but such clothes do not harmonize with your appearance or are not suitable for office? How to choose “your” color of clothes?

How to choose the right color of clothes

How to determine what color is “coming”?

In fact, there is only one way to determine your primary colors in clothes – try on and look at yourself in the mirror. Put aside all the useful tips from fashion magazines on the topic “blondes fit this, and brunettes only then”, forget about your color, if you know it. In fact, everything is much simpler.

The way of “grandmother’s closet”

This requires only a large mirror, good daylight and a large wardrobe with clothes and other textiles folded “just in case”.

Take in an armful of everything that is in the closet, do not forget to grab colored curtains and bedspreads, tablecloths and towels. You should have at hand all the colors of the rainbow and all sorts of shades of primary colors – light and dark, bright and muted. Throw on the shoulders alternately different tissues, drape in their folds and look in the mirror. Do not be scrutinized.Just look at your face and the reflection as a whole.

How to choose the right color of clothes

Some colors seem boring and “no”, others will make “no” your own face, but among them there will also be those that will successfully shade your skin and give it freshness, emphasize the color of the hair or eyes. Put aside these fabrics, take a closer look at the color and make your own conclusions.

The focus will not succeed if there is only a minimum of clothes in the closet and all of it is yours. No surprise is foreseen, the color scale is limited.

The way to “come, try on and not buy”

To implement this plan, you will have to go to the salon, where you will be able to try on many things of different shades, or in second-hand. The second option is simpler and, oddly enough, the color palette is richer there. Minus – fitting rooms with artificial lighting.

If you love shows and actress in the shower, then put on good shoes, take an expensive bag and go to the most fashionable store, even if you can not afford the goods. Expensive accessories are needed so that you are not hinted that there are very high prices here and you are not the customer who is interested in them. Many models are presented in different colors, take everything and try on, look for your shade and enjoy the process. Pay more attention to soft tones, look at the unsaturated, “dusty” shades.

Hike in second-hand can bring not only a certain experience in the search for your color range, but also unexpected luck in the form of a necessary and useful thing in your wardrobe.

The main colors are selected, what next?

Nature is so arranged that some women go to all colors, perhaps with only a small exception.Most often these are dark-haired ladies with fair skin and gray or greenish expressive eyes.Others find their own color more difficult. Blue-eyed blondes prefer to have light and soft colors, and dark-skinned brunettes wear red and bright yellow.

How to choose the right color of clothes

But what if the favorite color is orange, but the face is lost on its background, it seems faded and inexpressive? The output is simple and obvious – this is the color of the accessories. An orange bag, an orange belt and ornaments – the bright color of a juicy orange will add sun and energy alongside in brown, dark blue or green tones.

If the pale pink makes your skin fresh and shades light brown hair, and the bright blue is old, there’s no point buying a blue dress or coat. It is better to wear pale pink as the primary color, and to pick up the accessories of your favorite blue or plum color. Another option is a dark blue dress and a light mauve jacket over it. In this case, the exact combination of shades is crucial.

How to choose the right accessories for clothes?

The advice is simple and practical: when looking for a jacket, put on a blouse, skirt or trousers with which you will wear it, and when buying a bag, do not forget about shoes, belt or other accessories. Just remember the shades and unerringly choose the color – few people have such a talent. It is better to try on and compare what to store in a closet inappropriate things.

How to choose the right color of clothes

The easiest way to choose the right combination of clothes and accessories with neutral shades. Ideal colors in this respect are black, white and gray. Beige and dairy are also combined with everything practical.

How to choose the color of clothes

And in conclusion a useful tip . Wear whatever you like personally. Everything that you like yourself. Let people perceive you “as is”. You do not have to and do not have to follow anyone’s imagined ideas about beauty. “Fashionable sentence” is not a sentence, but entertainment from boredom.