Among women there are many fans of coats who prefer this outerwear to the rest. And this is understandable – in terms of elegance and femininity, no jacket or down jacket can be compared with a coat. But is it suitable for winter?

Indeed, a coat is an ideal option for autumn and spring, and in winter frosts women tend to opt for something warmer – a down jacket, a sheepskin coat and, of course, indispensable in a cold fur coat. However, coat fans, do not rush to get upset. Modern materials allow you to create such models that can withstand not only cool weather, but also a rather serious minus. And the latest design ideas easily erase the boundaries between certain types of warm winter clothing. Today it is not difficult to choose a coat with feather insulation or fur.

How to choose a winter coat

In this trendy season, designers offer to wear long coats, and this can be used – to be at the same time trendy and at the same time warm.

The versatility of women’s down jackets

How to choose a winter coat

Coat-down jackets should be in the wardrobe of every woman, because this is a stylish, light and practical thing. The highlight of the product is the original cut and stylish design. First of all, these are down-length knee-length or midi jackets, such length will warm in cold weather, and will emphasize the slimness and grace of the silhouette. To make the figure not seem too voluminous, stylists advise wearing quilted down jackets with vertical ornament.

Designers in the creation of down coats with fur use natural materials and various variations of decoration.Down coats will be appreciated by fans of classic, sports and other things. Recently, overseas models and down-padded jackets have become popular. Fans of sports style should pay attention to short downy coats, not chilling movements.

Such models will appeal to girls who show their own individuality with the help of bright dresses. Original prints and bright colors are in fashion.

Choose a coat with hoods and pockets. Fur trim on the hood not only decorates the thing, but also protects from severe frosts. And the pockets will demonstrate their indispensability in severe frosts.

Stylish pichor

Greetings from the past was the appearance of pihory on the catwalks – a type of winter clothing, where the outer side is made of leather or raincoat material, and the inner side is fur.

Fur coat with fur is a warm product, which in terms of functions is not inferior to a sheepskin coat or fur coat. The advantage of the coat is the price, which is significantly lower than the above things. Rabbit and mink wool is used for lining; it is light and warm fur, which performs its functions 100%.

The upper material of the product is an airtight fabric with water repellent properties. Pichor coat pleases variety of models. Designers made sure that every woman found a suitable option. Presents models of different lengths and cut.


The versatility of this coat is that the fur lining can be unfastened. The model turns into a raincoat, windbreaker or leather jacket. The product is easily combined with other things in the wardrobe. Tight fit women will appreciate feminine things, and the free cut model will appeal to active and sporty ladies. Different colors will satisfy the most demanding fashionistas.

Fashionable women's down coat

Remember – no matter how luxurious and breathtaking your wardrobe is, in the cold season you can only show your outerwear on the street. Many women do not have the opportunity to purchase several models of outerwear for the season, so you have to choose one single thing that will be warm and comfortable.