WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN EVENING DRESS AND A COCKTAIL DRESS?It is believed that for every occasion you can find a dress that will be as appropriate as possible. It is doubtful, however, that there is a style for a morning jog or a walk in nature. But the solemn event, at a party the women still choose a dress.

And here the question arises: what to wear, how to understand the varieties of such clothes. What is the difference between a cocktail dress and an evening dress? What accessories fit both? How to take into account all the nuances so as not to seem like the “white crow”?

Types of dresses for special occasions

Cocktail Dress

    • Cocktail Dress. The classic version is a shortened women’s dress for official and festive events without a collar and sleeves. Appeared in fashion as an outfit for cocktail parties in America in the mid-twenties. In modern fashion, the basic principle is simplicity and elegance. Cocktail dress is always beautifully tailored, with an elegant finish, exquisite silhouette. Length – slightly above or slightly below the knee.Of the fabrics, preference is given to velvet, expensive silk, satin, but a variety of fabrics and knitwear are acceptable. Bright colors are appropriate for summer options. In winter, preference is given to black, red, gold or silver, and in summer bright colors are acceptable. Accessories – a small handbag can be decorated with original details, the author’s jewelry, stones – semi-precious, in any case not diamonds.

Evening Dress

  • Evening dress . The dress for the evening “appearance” may be of different styles, the length is usually the maximum. They are more open, the length is usually in the floor. Evening dresses are sewn of velvet, brocade, chiffon, silk.With long evening toilets wear coats, capes, fur coats. If the dress is fully open shoulders, then a lace cape, fur stole or a wide scarf are required.With evening dress wear jewelry. A handbag should fit together, be small, sometimes fancy, can be made of brocade, beads, but should never be more spectacular than a dress.
  • Club dress . Appeared recently, a new time dictates its own rules. This outfit attracts attention, allows you to stand out among others, look bold and defiant. Bright colors, rhinestones, frank, provocative look. Club dress gives maximum ease and freedom of movement. It perfectly combines with bright club make-up, glitters in the hair and face, neon nail polish. Where to wear a club dress? Naturally, the club party, they don’t wear it anywhere else.

When to choose which dress?

Each woman asks herself the question: what dress to wear in a particular case – evening or cocktail? If the event organizers do not indicate the requirements for the dress code, then when choosing, you need to know exactly two things: the time and the type of celebration.

For a start, it is useful to know that in the morning or afternoon evening dress is not worn. Formally, it is considered that the time of the cocktail is from 5 to 7 pm, after that evening comes. In reality, a cocktail dress is worn for all day celebrations.

A cocktail dress is required at the theater or at the opening of the exhibition, a charity evening or solemn wedding registration. He is also dressed for any holidays in the apartment, for children and family celebrations and anniversaries, if they are not celebrated in a restaurant.

In the restaurant, at the banquet, at the evening reception for which the style is discussed long before the event or indicated in the invitation. And one more thing – the lady in the evening can not come alone, the evening dress suggests the presence of a solemnly dressed companion. And, of course, she cannot travel in a crowded bus in a dress with a train.

But what about wedding celebrations? Evening or cocktail? Registration – a solemn event, but formally day. The continuation of the holiday in the evening in the restaurant allows evening dresses for the ladies.

And do not forget the main rule – an evening dress should be worn in a beautiful setting.