How to look slimmer with clothes

How to look slimmer with clothes

How often do we hear from women that they can not pick their clothes in stores so that they look beautiful, but at the same time hide the flaws of their figure.

It so happened that the female body is prone to change with age or after the birth of the child. Slightly sprawling, women begin to put on voluminous, baggy clothes, which, in their opinion, hide from the surrounding irregularities of the figure and curvy shapes. But … these clothes on the contrary only add volume. And it is not necessary to wear shapeless sweaters and dresses, you can pick up and fashionable beautiful things that will hide the shortcomings, as well as emphasize the dignity of the figure. But not all women know and know how to properly choose clothes. And despair because of this, because in the wrong-fitting clothes, we do not look the best.

But in order to look attractive and sexy, regardless of the number of kilograms of weight – by the way, many men prefer lush ladies – you just need to master several rules for combining and choosing clothes. You can “remove” several kilos by using the texture of the fabric, neckline cut, style and tailoring, color. No less important role in creating an image is played by jewelry. They also help to hide some of the shortcomings or emphasize the virtues.

What clothes should I prefer?

Formless robes to throw in the trash and forget about them forever – this is understandable. But what to wear?


To give a chiseled silhouette to your figure, do not neglect pulling underwear. Today manufacturers with might and main offer women not only corsets, but also tights with a pulling effect, belts, shorts etc. The pulling underwear visually pulls up and forms a smoother and more even silhouette, pulls the figure up. When you put on such underwear, you will immediately notice how your figure was pulled up and built up. Now it’s much easier to put on your favorite dress or skirt and not be embarrassed by your magnificent shapes.


In order to look slimmer, give preference to shoes with heels, their height should be at least medium. To visually extend the legs, to the pants, choose shoes or sandals in the color of trousers. Just visually pull out the silhouette of shoes nude color (beige). Give up shoes with cross strips or clasps. Such models make the legs visually and the whole figure is shorter.

Clothes for women


If your hands are slightly full, try not to wear large, blown or bulky bracelets, as they will visually make them even more full. In your case, the thin bracelets that have a flat shape will look best.It is these bracelets that will give grace to the hands.

In addition, when choosing accessories, give preference to those that will help visually lengthen your silhouette. To such ornaments it is possible to carry scarfs of bright colors which carelessly hang down. Also help to lengthen the figure and long chains or beads, they draw attention to themselves, taking their eyes off your figure. Use large and bright decorations, as well as clothes, just to pay attention to your dignity, diverting your eyes from problem zones.


The most ideal for a full figure suits suit, or even better a three-piece suit. And it does not matter, with trousers or with a skirt, complemented by a waistcoat and jacket they will advantagefully emphasize your dignity. In this kit, you can let you put on a blouse of bright colors, while the suit should be calm neutral colors.

Clothes for women

Avoid tightly fitting clothes made of soft cloth. This only allocates unnecessary folds, which will emphasize the volume of the figure. It is best to give preference to clothes sitting on a figure from a fabric that holds a shape well.

If you need a belt for clothing, then give preference to narrow straps, not wide ones.

Sweatshirts, sweaters, blouses, t-shirts

Sometimes advise: give up shirts and t-shirts with thin straps, it is better to choose on models with a short sleeve, they will distract attention from your chest. And why divert attention from what is adorned with a female figure? The problem is not in the openness of the upper body, but in that the straps visually shorten the figure. But if a dress or sarafan length in the floor, then this outfit can be worn by ladies with any makeup.

Sweaters and sweaters are mostly with a V-neck. It will help lengthen the neck and visually reduce the volume of the breast. Looks good set of a sweatshirt with a vest or a sweater with a deep V-neck. The deep decollete works in the same way.

Do not refill the blouse or blouse in a skirt and trousers. Refueling, you divide the figure into the lower and upper parts, and this is useless for magnificent volumes. Give preference to fitting clothes. Such blouses will make an easy accent on the waist, not on the hips. After all, the emphasis on the hips makes the figure more cumbersome and heavy in appearance.

The buttoned blouse will give you excess volume to avoid this, leave 1-2 top buttons unbuttoned.

Skirts, trousers

Trousers on the hips are not your model. Although it is not necessary to buy trousers with a high waist, trousers that slightly lower the waist are perfect. If you have high growth, then you can choose straight-cut trousers. Girls of short stature with rounded hips should choose models of trousers, slightly fitting at the top and not much flared below the knee.

Lengthen the silhouette will help skirt, the length of which reaches the middle of the roe. The long skirt, skirt with wedges, skirts-corrugation, skirts with pleats along the center of the trunk will also help to visually draw the figure.

Clothes for women

Color spectrum

Avoid pure white, he visually fills the figure. Give it up in favor of beige shades, pastel tones or ivory. However, you can have white things in the wardrobe, for example: a blouse or jacket, a turtleneck, on top of which you can wear a jacket or vest.

Of the drawings, vertical strips are perfectly arranged. Give preference to embossed and vertical prints in clothes avoiding large drawings.

Having learned to apply these simple rules when choosing clothes, you can quickly make up your wardrobe taking into account your proportions.

Clothes for women

Your style

The main thing that you should always remember is love yourself! Love your body the way nature created it. Wear what you like. All norms and rules in clothes were invented by some people who believe that they have an ideal taste. But every person is free in his choice!

His own style does not appear immediately, as soon as the character is formed. Oprah Winfrey, one of the most successful and wealthy women in the world, popular and beloved in many countries, the TV presenter, the head of the company producing the Harpo Studios TV show, is one of the most stylish telepersonals. She is called a “black pearl”, her appearance on TV screens she made a real revolution and a sensation, broke stereotypes about the fact that the TV presenter must certainly be a skinny blonde with white skin.

Clothes for women

Her style is distinguished by spectacular and elegant simplicity, laconism, restraint, aristocratic luster. She, like many women with magnificent forms, tried to lose weight, shared the results with her audience, but eventually accepted and fell in love with what she is and became an example for many women from all over the world.