How to distinguish an original brand from a fake?

How to distinguish a fake

The more popular the brand, the more likely it will be copied.> Fashionable world is filled with fakes.> How to recognize a copy made in a Chinese factory or in the nearest basement?>

Buying for a few dollars on the street layout handbag with the inscription Gucci, the buyer does not expect to receive the original item.> But it’s one thing to laugh at a picture with sneakers “Abibas”, and another – to spend several hundred dollars and get a “pirate” thing of poor quality.>

We have prepared for you some visual recommendations, following which it will be easier for you to distinguish this real thing from a cheap forgery.>

The seam>
Check the seam under the label, near the lock and pockets.> It should be straight, continuous and accurate, without protruding threads.>
Branded things of high quality seam, as a rule, more “tight” (more stitches per cm) than for counterfeits.>

How to distinguish a fake

Designer things often use leather.> Natural leather has a heterogeneous texture.> Artificial is characterized by a regular porous texture.>
Natural skin is also characterized by a delicate, specific aroma.> In artificial – a pronounced chemical perfume.>
How to distinguish a fake

Lightning should move smoothly, be the same color, and the dogs should be pleasantly heavy.>In the majority of design things, solid furniture with a matte finish is used.> On fakes usually – low-quality accessories with a glossy gold coating.>
The best way to determine the quality of the metal coating is to compare it with the original.>
How to distinguish a fake

Make sure that the buttons are well sewn and they have the name of the fashion house that issued the thing.> Usually forgery is revealed on such small details.>
How to distinguish a fake

The logo should be perfect.> The slightest discrepancy with the original is a fake.>
Most branded handbags have metal logos with their logo.> Plastic is a sign of forgery.> In addition, the seam on the emblem should be the same as on the whole product.>
How to distinguish a fake

Branded products are distinguished by the high quality of the materials from which they are made.> High-quality materials (cloth, leather, etc.) are used not only from the outside, but also inside.>
How to distinguish a fake

Make sure that the label is written correctly – language, spelling and so on.> Screaming inscriptions (like “100% natural”) should call into question the authenticity of the goods.>
How to distinguish a fake

If you do not believe your eyes when looking at the price tag, it is probably a fake.> Outrageously low prices are a sure sign of substandard products.>
How to distinguish a fake

Be careful: branded goods of high quality, as a rule, also have good packaging.>
Branded packages and boxes, the finest tissue paper, etc.> – here are the elements of quality packaging of expensive things.>
How to distinguish a fake

A few more tips:>

  • Buying an expensive designer thing, a person wants to be sure that he did not throw money away.> You can protect yourself from forgery by buying things in large stores with a good reputation, and even better – stores with fashion houses.>
  • Buying on the Internet, carefully study the contact details of the seller.> They must correspond to the letter of the law: legal and actual address, organizational and legal form of activity, TIN and other requisites.>
  • Avoid sites whose names are full of words “discount”, “advantageous offer”, etc.>
  • Remember, by law you can return a substandard product to the seller (including the online store).> If you ran into a fake, study the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” (terms, types of goods not / refundable, etc.) and defend your rights.>