For that last-minute “I need a one-of-a-kind gift, like right now!” present, this hand-stamped, no-sew knit scarf is just the thing. The minty green and blue color palette make this scarf an excellent winter-to-spring transition piece, but you can come up with your own designs and color combos, as well. And don’t worry — we won’t make you tell just how easy and quick it was to pull together 🙂


  • 20″ x 68″ of knit fabric
  • small wood cube blocks
  • craft foam
  • scissors
  • fabric paint
  • paintbrush



1. Draw and cut out a starburst shape (large and small), and trace them onto craft foam.

2. Cut out the starburst shapes from the craft foam and secure to wooden blocks (found at your local craft store) with hot glue to create stamps.

3. Lay out your knit fabric scarf. Using fabric paint and a paint brush, cover the starburst stamp with paint (this ensures better coverage than just sticking the stamp face down into the paint).

4. Stamp along your knit fabric in a fashion you are happy with, replenishing the stamp with new paint after each stamp.

5. Go back through with the smaller starburst stamp to vary it up a bit.

6. Stamp the entire scarf until you are happy with the results. Lay the scarf flat until the paint is dry.

7. Once dry, your no-sew scarf is ready to wear! Drape it over a shoulder or loop it around in a cowl. Any way you wear it, it’s sure to look great!