The times when wrist or pocket watches were absolutely necessary items have already passed. They were replaced by mobile phones and other gadgets showing the exact time. Watches have become a fashion accessory, emphasizing the status of the owner. This approach dictates special requirements for their choice.

In the first place are the brand and style. The brand indicates the status of the owner, and the style indicates good taste or lack of it.

How to choose a “brand” watch

The concept of “brand” means not only a trademark or brand. This is a broader concept pointing to a well-known, quality product. For example, Swiss watches have always been considered the best in the world in design and quality. They can be found in any country, anywhere in the world. The most famous brands: Tissot, Kolber, Certina, Omega, Longines, Rado. Among them there are different models, many are quite affordable. You can buy a quartz watch, and you can have a unique model of gold with precious stones, made by hand in a single copy.

Japanese watches are also known, in which the reliability and use of modern technologies are valued. Among the Japanese brands are popular Casio, Orient, Seiko, Citizen.

Choosing a brand, it is best to contact a specialized store that works with official suppliers. This store values ​​its reputation, its employees are quite competent and will help the buyer to choose what he needs. It will be expensive, but reliable. Good watches do not buy every day, so do not need to save on it.

How to choose a watch

Watch style

When choosing a watch, ask yourself when will you wear it? Perhaps they will be on hand every day, at a business breakfast and on the sports ground, or maybe they will wear it only occasionally, at a particularly important meeting? The second important question – what is your style of clothes that you usually wear?

Casual watches are worn almost every day, therefore, sharp corners, protruding buttons, pretentiousness and unusual color, hard-to-read dials are not suitable

Sports watches , as a rule, are distinguished by a large case, because it has to accommodate a timer, an alarm clock, often several dials, and many other functions inherent in a sports watch. Levels of water resistance and impact resistance also matter.

Fashion-watches will help complete the image you created. It is always a bright accessory, emphasizing the refined taste and fashionable image of its owner.

Luxury watches are exclusive models of watches, decorated with precious stones and made of precious metals. Often they are made to order.

How to successfully purchase expensive accessories

Having set a goal to buy expensive watches in order to emphasize their present or future status, many are trying to get them cheaper. And often they get into a mess, getting a fake. Clever people advise: pay attention to pawn shops. Among them there are those who specialize in expensive watches.

People don’t know much about these places. It is believed that losers turn to pawnshops, people who have lost income and their status in society, hand over valuable things there as a pledge in order to get a money loan. But we should not forget that the pawnshop makes a profit not only from interest.Unstocked on time jewelry, watches, antiques, as well as other valuables, are put up for sale.

Particularly frequent buyers of pawnshops are collectors. They know that often in difficult situations, people carry pawnshop valuable, unique things.And another aspect – the employees of specialized watch pawnshops, for example, are often excellent experts in their field, they accurately distinguish the originals from high-quality fakes. They will help their advice to choose the “right” watches or other accessories, and the price can please you.

Buy and wear beautiful accessories, getting from it all the pleasure that they are able to give.