DIY Glitter Heels

On Follow Fashion we found a fun do it yourself. This time it’s a DIY to make glitter heels. Who doesn’t like glitters? Give your heels that little bit extra.Review Android Smartphone

To make them you can see this photo tutorial or read it on Follow Fashion.

There are two methodes to make these glitter heels but for both of them you need the same materials:
– transparent glue
– glitters in the color you like
– foam brush
– tape
– pumps

Methode 1:
1. Put tape at the part of the shoe you don’t want to have any glitters.
2. Put some glue in a bowl and mix with some glitters.
3. Use a foam brush to put the glitter/glue mix on your heels.
4. Push some glitters at the places you think there are not enough glitters.

Methode 2:
1. Put glue on the part of the heels you like to have glitters.
2. Smear out the glue with the foam brush.
3. Sprinkle glitters on to the glue and press it with your fingers.
4. Allow to dry thoroughly and touch the other glitters off.

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