How to choose sunglasses

How to choose sunglasses?

Some people use sunglasses as a fashion accessory, wear them in rainy weather and even in the evening. For most of us, who know how to enjoy the summer sun, it is an indispensable thing. How to choose the right sunglasses?

What are sunglasses for?

The choice of glasses from the sun is based on a simple question – what are they for? There are only two answers:

  • Sun protection;
  • fashion accessory.

Why you need to protect your eyes from the bright sun?

How to choose Aviator glasses

Protection of the eyes from the bright sun is not necessary for all people. It is required high in the mountains and in the far north, where the rays of the sun, reflected from the crystals of ice and snow, cause snow blindness. Without darkened glasses, pilots and climbers, vacationers at ski resorts and people suffering from inflammatory diseases of the eye can not do it.

As is known, sunlight is primarily a combination of infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation provides sunburn, and also accelerates skin aging, causes dermatitis and burns.

The intensity of ultraviolet radiation in the region of the equator is high, as it moves away from it. Among other things, when reflected from certain surfaces, the effect of the rays increases. The strongest reflection of snow is almost 90%. Water reflects about 70% of sunlight.

The bright southern sun makes you squint and cover your eyes from the annoying light.Especially near water. Sunglasses become a salvation.

Fashion for sunglasses

How to choose sunglasses

As a fashion accessory, glasses from the sun began to be used not so long ago. The mass production of cheap sunglasses began in America in 1929. They were sold on beaches and soon they became a popular symbol of security, belonging to those layers of society that are available to rest on the seashore.

The shape and color of the glasses changed in accordance with the trends of fashion and the creative inspiration of the stylists. Gradually, the classical models were defined, they are chosen in accordance with the shape of the face and style of clothing. Price and brand indicate the status.

Sometimes darkened glasses become such an integral part of the image that they are not removed even indoors and in rainy weather. Especially often it happens with famous people who want to remain unrecognizable.

How to choose sunglasses?

The choice depends on several factors:

  • Degree of darkening . By degree of protection, dark glasses are divided into 5 categories by light transmission. For cloudy weather, take transparent (0 category) or light (1 category), maximum darkened (4 category) – for protection in high mountains or in arctic snow.
  • Polarization . Polarized lenses reduce glare from water and snow. Fishermen often use them to see what’s under water.
  • Fitting . The more glass glasses, the denser they close the eye cavity, the less light they let through the edges.
  • The shape and color of the lens . The shape of sunglasses is chosen in front of the mirror, the one that best suits the type of face. The color of the lenses is usually gray or brown.
  • The price . Cheap plastic sunglasses from the sun may look expensive, but they do not protect against ultraviolet radiation. Often they are too dark, their lenses do not equally pass light and impair vision.

The shape is ideal for almost any type of person aviator glasses. They completely cover the ocular cavity, there are different degrees of dimming. They were created for military pilots, in the height they needed protection from the sun’s rays. The teardrop shape of the large lens protects the eyes well from direct rays and glare from the sides, and a light and strong metal arch securely fixes them. Such sunglasses over the past decades not only have not lost their popularity, but have found new admirers.

How to choose sunglasses

When buying, it is useful to remember that the original Ray Ban glasses protect against ultraviolet radiation by almost 100%. They come with a case, packed in a cardboard box of silver color, on the right lens there is laser engraving in the form of letters RB. A detailed instruction on use and care is attached to the glasses.