Women’s socks – an integral part of the wardrobe of modern fashion. They are worn by women of all ages for beauty, comfort and warmth. Style and fashion should be observed everywhere, including the selection of this piece of clothing.

And if for the choice of color, men should adhere to the rules that the color of socks should be slightly lighter than the color of shoes, but at the same time correspond to the color of the suit, then for women everything is much simpler: there are no strict rules. The only exceptions are the cases when women prefer classic trouser suits in their wardrobe.

If you are a lover of sportswear or jeans, then you can always find women’s socks of cheerful, juicy colors, with bright patterns. Thin mesh or fishnet socks are perfectly combined with light summer shoes, and trimmed with lace and rhinestones can be worn with elegant shoes.

Women’s socks as a piquant addition to open shoes are increasingly flashed on the catwalks. Leading designers find them a place in the autumn-winter and spring-summer collections. They can be matched to the shoes or in sharp contrast. For example, the “black plus white” variant, which is retroactive to aesthetics of the distant 1930s, is quite popular. New trend: you can combine things that were previously considered completely incompatible, warm woolen socks with open lacquer shoes, for example.



High-quality women’s socks must meet certain requirements that apply to them.

  • First, they must be made from natural materials (it is allowed to be made from natural materials with the addition of artificial fibers), since such materials are able to ensure the comfort and safety of women’s legs.
  • Secondly, they must be durable, which in turn also depends on the material from which they are made. Since daily use requires that these products withstand heavy loads, they must have a high wear resistance.

It is also very important that the material from which the socks are made is hypoallergenic, and has excellent thermal insulation characteristics, warming the female legs. But at the same time socks should absorb excess moisture, while remaining dry, which is typical for materials such as wool, flax, cotton and some other materials.

Of great importance when choosing is the size and color. The sizes of modern manufacturers are marked differently, but every girl or woman can always find socks suitable for her size, as they are both the smallest (from 35 size) and large (42).

As for colors, it is important to select products for the overall style of clothing, taking into account the personal preferences of the woman and the situations for which this or that outfit is designed using socks. In your wardrobe you just need to have at least three or four pairs of socks of black, white and flesh shades. For example, for sports you can choose bright cotton socks, and in order to wear under jeans – products of inconspicuous colors, etc.

Material selection

Women's socks

Given the above requirements for women’s socks, it becomes clear that the most important thing when choosing is to choose the right material. The most popular today are products from flax and cotton, wool and bamboo, and also from blended fibers. This Ivanovo manufacturer works with wholesale buyers and offers them high quality products, reasonable prices and favorable terms of cooperation.

What are the advantages of a material? In particular, flax is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, hygienic and perfectly retains heat. Therefore, linen socks can be worn in summer, under sneakers, and in winter. Cotton socks are durable and durable, differ in low cost and variety of colors (due to the fact that cotton is easily dyed).

Wool products perfectly retain heat and warm quickly, so they are often worn under boots in winter. They are characterized by elasticity and retain their shape well, while having good air exchange and perfectly absorb excess moisture.

Not so long ago, bamboo socks appeared on the market, which are quite expensive, but have excellent properties. They have a very high absorption capacity, so their feet never sweat. In addition, they are hygienic and when they are worn, there is no unpleasant odor, because the bactericidal properties of bamboo fibers, from which such products are made, do not allow bacteria to multiply. Therefore, these socks are ideal for women leading an active lifestyle.

Mixed fibers are added to natural, to increase the strength and elasticity of products. Moreover, their percentage ratio should not be high, since the higher the percentage of such fibers in the product, the worse the quality characteristics of the socks.

Thus, knowing the characteristics of the materials and considering the criteria for choosing socks, each woman can choose for herself such products that will provide her with comfort and warmth, and at the same time become part of her image.