Knitwear at all times was valued for its softness and unsurpassed. Previously, rather primitive outfits were made from knitwear, but after the introduction of interesting models by Coco Chanel, the clothing line was significantly expanded. Coco Chanel brought elegant cashmere outfits to the world of fashionistas.

Many Hollywood stars wear clothes made from this fabric. Moreover, knitwear is considered a fairly common component in the composition of clothing. Previously, it was worn only by wealthy people. And now textiles are used among a wide layer of the population, they are used when sewing sports, cozy home, evening and festive clothes.

Textile fabrics have two main qualities:

  • elasticity;
  • ductility.

These qualities are very interesting and they are actively used to create unusual and stylish dresses among famous designers. Its most unusual elements are cashmere, jersey. Without these elements will not do the wardrobe of any fashionista. This fabric is not cheap, but it is very comfortable to the body. Designers were able to develop more economical options for the public.

In the modern world, knitted clothing has become the most relevant among women. It is very affordable, and thanks to its unique qualities, has earned massive approval. Homemade clothing from interlock, kulirka, velor, mahry, footer, viscose, fleece will give warmth and convenience.

What is knitwear and its benefits

Knitwear is produced from one or more threads, by forming loops and then weaving them. Knitted things are made quite simply. A huge plus linen cloth – convenience. You can make almost any thing from a fabric cloth, starting from elements of beautiful underwear and ending with elegant evening dresses.


Knitwear can perfectly fit the figure, as it has an important property – elasticity. Other tissues are not able to create such a perfect effect.Therefore, to create new models of clothing is easy.

The benefits of knitwear

  • The clothes for a long time keep an ideal form and are not rumpled.
  • Thanks to the correctly chosen clothes, you can create the perfect figure.Therefore, even large sizes of clothes look brilliantly on curvaceous forms.
  • Soft and comfortable fabric texture allows you to wear it more often. Such things soon become the most loved ones.

Home knitwear

Rules for the care of knitwear

There are rules for the care of knitwear. Observing them, you can keep impeccable clothes for a long time. Basic rules of care:

  1. The most relevant hand wash at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees. Washing in a washing machine is acceptable if the fabric has a sufficiently dense texture and has a uniform shade.
  2. Do not wear the product. It is not recommended to use the treatment of fabrics by chemical, mechanical methods. Soaking and prolonged washing will lead to the inevitable deterioration of the fabric properties.
  3. Clothing, having in its composition several types of fabrics of different shades, requires a more attentive attitude. Long soaking of such clothes can lead to the appearance of divorces. It is undesirable to include in the washing machine a long wash.
  4. Rinse knitwear should be carried out in warm water. After that, the use of cold water is acceptable.
  5. Spin the product should be carried out without stretching and twisting.Wringing things up after they are placed in a towel is ideal. It is not allowed to rub the product during washing. Otherwise there will be an unpleasant outcome in the form of the appearance of pellets. Observing the basic rules of washing, you can achieve a sufficiently long preservation of the ideal appearance of clothing.
  6. As soon as the clothes are safely washed according to all the above requirements, we proceed to their drying. If a thing has several colors, then you need to hang it out so that the light shades are on top, but not on the bottom. Dry clothes better in a horizontal position. This is the best way to dry. So the clothes will not stretch and will keep the correct forms.
  7. There comes the stage of ironing. It is better to iron knitted things from seamy side. The iron must be heated to a temperature not exceeding 110 ° C. It is desirable that the iron was equipped with a steam function. But it is possible to do with an ordinary iron.
  8. In cases where things are rarely used, it is better to lay them down carefully and place them in the closet. But to hang products on the hanger is not desirable. Since clothes from knitwear for a long hover can stretch out and lose their original look.