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Furniture collection made from shipping crates

Sometimes coming up with something new doesn’t always mean you have to reinvent everything. Sometimes you can create something completely new just by using something that’s already been invented. For example, you can repurpose all sorts of things and create all sorts of new and ingenious elements. The best example would probably be the vast […]

Artist’s Studios and Workspace Interior Design Ideas

As soon as you enter an artist’s studio you can just tell that it’s no ordinary space. it has something special that you can’t actually define but that defines that space perfectly. It’s that thing that makes an artist’s studio or workspace easy to recognize and that gives it character. But what is that thing? […]

Industrial – Style Lighting Fixtures

The industrial style can be reflected in basically any feature of a home’s interior design and this, of course, includes the lighting. Industrial-style lighting fixtures tend to be simple and sometimes with rough features but they are always functional. It’s difficult to describe them exactly as each piece is unique so, to better understand the […]