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Book Vase

Book Vase: Surprise Sprouts Right Out of Reading Collection As your guests inevitably scan your favorite volumes, they note with alarm (then a laugh) that one of them seems to be inexplicably sprouting a plant. YOY Design Studio (images by Yasuko Furukawa) introduces this small surprise subtly, letting you slot a vase right along side other books […]

Make a Personalized Photo Clock

People have found all kinds of creative ways to display the photos that they hold dear to them, but if you can make these decorative objects functional they will be doubly treasured. The photo wall clock tutorial from Photojojo gives detailed instructions to help you do just that. Creating this beautiful piece of functional wall art takes […]

Hanging Birdbath Planter

Hanging Birdbath Planter Treat birds to a sip of water while you treat yourself to the greenery growing from this hanging planter that doubles as a birdbath.  Tools and Materials Tools Scissors Lowe’s plastic sack Materials Hanging basket with liner Clay pot 8-in clay saucer Items may be Special Order in some stores. Product costs, […]

Baklava – How To Make

HOW TO MAKE BAKLAVA One of our readers just sent along their fantastic project, a 9 step (10 if you include downloading) guide to making baklava.  If you are interested in making the sweet treat dating from the Ottoman Empire, grab flour, water, salt, sugar and hazelnuts and scroll down through this interactive site with stop […]