Tips And Ideas For Creating A Beautiful Wall Art Gallery

If you’re looking for an idea for adding some color and style to a certain room in your house then you could try creating a wall art gallery. It’s a great idea if you have several framed photos or artwork just lying around or if you want to display some of your creations. Let’s take a look at some examples.

The living room is a great space for a wall art gallery. It’s usually the largest room in the house so it has big walls. So you can even cover an entire wall if you have enough materials. You can combine frames portraits with painted artwork.


Usually the wall behind the living room sofa is chosen for this purpose but you can also use a different wall. For example, you can accessorize a room dividing wall. Place a console table there and display all sorts of items on it and then accessorize everything with framed artwork on the wall.

You can mix and combine all sorts of artwork. For example, you can display painting along with framed photos, DIY pieces and posters. This is an example of a modern wall art gallery with a casual look and a mix of colors, textures, styles and designs.

In the living room or dining room you could create a wall art gallery on a wall that gets plenty of natural light. It’s important for this purpose because you want everything you display to be admired and to stand out.

You could also use more than just one wall. You can two adjacent walls from the living room for example. Create a cozy sitting corner and delimitate the space with the help of wall art. It’s a nice idea especially if you also have a sectional that goes along those walls.

By displaying artwork on a white wall you allow the elements showcased to stand out more. There are no distractions of any kind and the eye only focuses on what’s displayed on the wall. If you want you can also accessorize that part of the room with matching white furniture.

It would also be nice if you could find an element that brings together the pieces displayed there. For example, they could have in common a color or a palette of colors. In this case the element that links them is the color green, also featured by the piece of furniture placed at the base of the wall.

Here you can see that the artwork displayed on that gallery wall features earthy and warm colors, just like the rest of the room. The frames are also brown and this way the gallery wall seamlessly integrates into the décor. The goal was not to make it stand out but to allow it to blend in.

A wall art gallery is also a nice idea for a home office. It will give the room character and it will also add some color to the mix. You can display abstract art or you can personalize it by displaying framed photos and DIY pieces.

You should try to maintain an overall cohesive design for all the pieces you display on the wall. For example, in this case, even though not all of them have matching frames, they all feature that white border that created a uniform look when you see the entire wall.

In this case we have an even more cohesive look. All the framed pieces have the same type of frame, the same type of white border and they also feature the same style and the same colors. It’s a nice choice for a décor that seems to be classical and simple.

There are several ways in which you can display your framed art. You could create a more casual look by placing them at different heights and angles or you can maintain an organized look by creating well defined rows and columns like in this case.

Also, you don’t necessarily have to put your artwork directly on the wall. You could also display it on shelves. Here, for example, we have two shelves, each featuring numerous framed pieces. They have been juxtaposed to create a sort of collage.

Having a wall art gallery in the dining room is a wonderful idea. It gives you something to look at and to admire while enjoying dinner and it also provides a very nice background. You can match the displayed artwork with the décor of the room by including some of the same colors.

This is an example where the same technique described earlier has been used. The framed artwork was displayed on shelves. The difference in this case is the larger scale and the location. On the bottom of the wall, at the base of the wall art gallery there’s a bookcase and this area is what seems to be a reading corner