10 Amazing DIY Organization Systems

Having your house always clean and organized feels great. It’s wonderful to see how everything is in its place and how everything is neat and beautiful. But for that you’ll have to be a little creative and to come up with personalized systems and ideas. Here are a few wonderful and very inspiring examples.

Smartphone holder.

Let’s start with something simple: a holder for your charging cell phone. So say good bye to charging phones seating on the floor or on tables and say hello to this great solution for the problem. To make a similar holder you’ll first have to take a look around your house. Find a plastic lotion/shampoo bottle or something similar, empty it and clean it. Measure the cell phone against it and decide on the dimensions. Trace a line and then cut using scissors. Smooth out the edges with sand paper. Then you can either spray paint the holder or glue fabric onto its exterior.


Organize cords with toilet paper tubes.

Everyone has cables siting around in the house and making it look messy. So how about you come up with a clever storage system for them? You can use toilet paper rolls. Decorate them with washi tape to make them more attractive. Roll up the cords and stuff them into the roll. You can also put labels to know what the cord is used for.

Magnetic rack.

I don’t know about you but I’m always having trouble finding my tweezers and other small items. Don’t leave them all over the house. It would be much more useful to have a spot where you can easily store them in case you ever need to find them. A great idea would be to have a magnetic support. A knife rack would be perfect. You can install it in the bathroom and you can put it to good use.

Clip cable catcher.

Here’s another simple and clever idea: don’t leave your chargers or USB cables on the floor to look messy. Keep them nearby and close at hand in case you need them. You can easily do that with binder clips. Clamp a binder clip to the edge of your desk and your problem is solved. It’s great how such basic items can simplify your life.

Brush organizer.

Are you having trouble storing your makeup brushes in one place? How about a brush holder? You can make one using nothing but a sushi mat and an elastic. First wrap the elastic around the first couple of sticks and secure it with some stitches. Then start to weave the elastic around the sticks making holders of different dimensions for the brushes. At the end make some stitches to secure it and you’re done. Tie it with a ribbon to make it look pretty and enjoy being organized.

Ribbon basket storage.

If you’re the type that loves DIY projects then you probably have ribbons and other similar things all over the place. Put them all in a box. Here’s what you need: a plastic container with holed, a saw and a rod. Measure the rod and cut it to size and do the same for the second one if you have it. Stick the rod through a hole and thread the ribbons on. Stick the rod through the other end and pull the ribbons through the holes.


It’s important to have an organized work space but you should also personalize it. For example, you could make storage containers for your pencils, ribbon, etc. you’ll need a small ceramic or metal tray, drinking glasses, scrapbook paper, scrap ribbon, modpodge, a brush, a glue stick, scissors and a ruler. First cut a piece of scrapbook paper for the bottom of the tray. Print out words to use as labels, glue them to scrapbook paper and then cut them out. Glue the ribbon in place and then glue the labels on.


A very organized person would want the bathroom storage to be impeccable and to have labels for everything. You could solve the problem with some simple storage containers and you can decorate and label them with felt words which can be glued on. It’s very creative.

From dish rack to…

Lots of things can be repurposed if you’re creative. For example, this dish rack became a shipping station. It’s very functional and the project was extremely simple. In fact, you don’t have to change anything. Just place the dish rack in the desired place and fill it with your own things that you plan on using.

Hanging organizer.

It’s hard not to leave makeup, jewelry and accessories all over the place when you don’t have a proper storage system for them. Here’s a solution: make an organizer. Here’s what you can do: use a wooden hanger and two woven baskets to make the organizer. Paint the hanger and the boxes and pad the boxes with felt for a soft base. Hang the boxes on the hanger and you’re pretty much done.